Prepare mozzarella. Pet the sturgeon.. Try a peach beer.. Love goat cheese.. Blind the most delicious candies..

Gastronomic journey north-east of Ekaterinburg

A very rich and delicious journey awaits us! We will visit a chocolate workshop, two cheese factories, a farm where sheep and goats live, a brewery and a sturgeon farm. On this trip, we will try a lot and learn a lot. Ready to open up?

Gastronomic journey north-east of Ekaterinburg

3 days itinerary by Sati Sarkisyan - Gastronomy Tour - 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Gastronomy Tour

Day 1: Chocolate workshop. Rezhano's cheese factory.

Let's start the day with a sweetie. We will go to a chocolate workshop to attend a chocolate and candy workshop. In the afternoon we will visit the cheese factory, where we will taste different kinds of noble cheeses, listen to a fascinating lecture and try to make mozzarella ourselves. Don't forget to sign up for excursions.
Visiting: Irbit, Rezh, Artemovskiy, Bystrinskiy, Romashka, Yekaterinburg

Day 2: The Valley of the Goats. Museum of Mineralogy. Brewery

In the morning we will visit the loveliest goats to taste the products that are made of goat milk and have lunch. Afterwards we will visit the very fascinating Museum of Mineralogy. We'll finish the day at the brewery.
Visiting: Zarechnyy, Irbit, Parshina, Bykova

Day 3: The dam. A private cheese factory. Fish farm

An exciting day awaits us, and we will start it with a beautiful view of Beloyarskoye reservoir with a large and impressive dam. Next we'll have a private cheese factory where we'll look into the cheese vault and taste the products. In the afternoon we will visit the sturgeon fishery. We will listen to a fascinating excursion and try delicacies from this noble fish.
Visiting: Zarechnyy, Kosulino, Yekaterinburg, Malobrusyanskoye, Verkhneye Dubrovo