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Gastro tour from Kolomna to Ryazan and back.

You will see how grape snails are grown and learn how to prepare them correctly; learn the secrets of cheese making and learn what candies were made of in Russia; visit a chocolate museum and taste potassium pies; learn why artesian water is needed to prepare beer; try real goose pâté and much more. It will be delicious and very interesting!

Gastro tour from Kolomna to Ryazan and back.

2 days itinerary by Maria Gorobets - Gastronomy Tour - 1 Hotel

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Day 1: Grape snails, cheese, lollipops and a cookery.

This day will be diverse. You'll visit a grape snail farm and a master class on how to prepare them, boil your own cheese and take it with you; you'll learn where and how you discovered the ancient "formula" of Russian sugar cubes, which used to be used to make candy. And you'll have dinner in an extraordinary place - in the real live museum of Russian culinary culture of the first quarter of the XX century.
Visiting: Ryazan, Staroye Bobrenevo, Cherizovo-Pesochnya, Borki, Kal'noye, Lukhovitsy, Kolomna

Day 2: Beer, geese and bees.

Today will be a day of contrasts: you will visit small farms and a huge brewery; you will learn why beer is brewed on the best artesian water and what orders reign in the gooseberry. And, of course, you'll taste the best products of the Zaraguan farmers.
Visiting: Ryazan, Kolomna, Zlykhino, Solopovo Pervoye, Lukhovitsy, Zimenki, Zaraysk