You will visit the Gatchina Palace.. See Ivangorod Fortress.. Walk along the local promenade. Drive to Lake Peipsi.. Take a picture near the monument to Alexander Nevsky and his soldiers.. Visit the Pskov Kremlin.. View a rare exhibition of the History Museum.. Admire the beauties of Lake Cheremetskoye.. Take a tour of the Nabokov house.. You have a good time in Pavlovsky Park.. . .

From St. Petersburg to Pskov: a dive into history

It is a journey well with its measured pace, natural beauties and amazing cognitive moments. A trip to Lake Peipsi, contact with our history, a walk through the Pskov Kremlin, Pavlovsky Park, Nabokovsky estate in conjunction with an unusually delicious cuisine - those impressions that are so lacking in ordinary life!

From St. Petersburg to Pskov: a dive into history

4 days itinerary by Olesya Ponomaryova - History and Culture, Arts and Creativity - Car, 3 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture, Arts and Creativity

Day 1: Wonderful experiences in Gatchina and Ivangorod.

Today we will start our journey from the Gatchina Palace, visit Ivangorod fortress and walk along the local Promenade.
Visiting: Ivangorod, Centralniy, Narva, Gatchina

Day 2: Extraordinary impressions from the place of the feat.

Today we will visit Lake Chudskoe, the place of glory of the Russian spirit. We will see and take pictures near the monument in honor of the Ice Battle, walk along the embankment of the river Velikaya in Pskov, taste delicious dishes.
Visiting: Pskov, Ivangorod, Kolokolovo, Khotitsy

Day 3: Pushkin places and history of Pskov

We'll start the day in the park of Alexander Pushkin, visit the historical museum with a magnificent exposition, explore along and across the Pskov Kremlin, and go to Lake Cheremenets.
Visiting: Pskov, Luga, Rapti

Day 4: Beautiful sensations from the Pavlovsky Park and the ancient mansion

We go to the Nabokov Rozhdestvenno Estate, walk around the old house and around it, drive to Pavlovsky Park and finish our trip with lunch at an Italian restaurant.
Visiting: Luga, Centralniy, Tyarlevo, Rozhdestveno, Pavlovsk