From St. Petersburg in the footsteps of your favorite movies. – Day 2: Soap operas in Sablino, Gatchina cinema city

Early in the morning we will go to the reserve Sablinsky - a loop between waterfalls and caves, we will learn the locations of our favorite TV series. In the afternoon we will arrive in Gatchina: you can already guess what the plan is for films to be filmed here. It's not that simple, though.
From St. Petersburg in the footsteps of your favorite movies.

Trip duration: 2 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Gazpromneft filling station #58

Саблинский водопад


The "Sablinsky" Reserve includes 14 caves, canyons and two plain waterfalls. No one doubted that this picturesque place would be loved by directors. Here they shot the film "Alexander. The Battle of the Neva" (2008), episodes of criminal series "Gaishniki" and "Sea Devils" - can be listed for a long time. It is better to see the beauty of this place not from the screen, but with your own eyes.

The Scotch Bar


I offer lunch in Gatchina, at The Scotch Bar pub. Excellent business lunches are served here from 12:00 to 16:00 on weekdays. In summer you can sit on the summer veranda - the best solution in good weather.

Gatchina Palace (Гатчинский дворец)


Gatchina is probably the favorite place for filmmakers south of Peter. Vitaly Melnikov used the Gatchina Palace to tell about the life of Paul I (played by Viktor Sukhorukov). Another historical person settled in the palace in 2014, when Julia Snegir tried on the role of Catherine the Great. Eldar Ryazanov turned Gatchina into Copenhagen during the Nazi occupation (film fairy tale "Andersen: Life without Love", 2006). And in the film "The Left Hand" (1987) with Kuravlov, Gatchina Palace became an English castle for a time. "Holiday" districts of Gatchina also attract directors. One of these streets flashed in "Cargo 200", and for the film "Father" (2007), based on the story of A. Platonov, Gatchina station was covered with artificial snow. And the cherry on the cake: in the film "Going - go" (1978), which was filmed on several Gatchina locations, played a real bandit P. Polozhaev - he was taken under contract from the colony.

Станция «Войсковицы»


For his painting "Weary of the Sun-2: Citadel" (2011) Nikita Mikhalkov chose a landmark attraction - the building of the station at Voyskovitsy station, preserved from pre-revolutionary times.


Scandinavian Restaurants

Due to its location, "Nordic" is popular with tourists and locals, but not for this reason. There are dishes of northern cuisine, which are insanely good. This is also the opinion of tourists from Sweden, Norway and Denmark, who also quote this restaurant.