From Ryazan to Eagle: 5 cities in 6 days. – Day 5: From Kursk to Eagle.

We'll start the day with a trip to Kursk. We'll see the Orthodox Cathedral and the Catholic Church, touch the tall one in the local art gallery, visit the "Kursk Arc". In the afternoon we'll go to Oryol, where we still have time to look at a couple of cathedrals and a monument to the founder of the city Ivan the Terrible.
From Ryazan to Eagle: 5 cities in 6 days.
Travel distance by car: 238 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Kursk, Oryol, Gorki, Kurskaya Oblast'

Trip duration: 6 days

Alina Maslova

МорКОФФь | Семейная кофейня

Cafés, Coffee Shops

Let's start a new day in the warmth of the family coffeehouse. In addition to traditional breakfast dishes, you can order Belgian waffles with an ice cream ball and topping of your choice. Important: the coffee shop opens at 9:00 on weekdays and at 10:00 on weekends.

Центральный Банк РФ по Курской Области


Let's see the local sights. The building that is now occupied by the Central Bank of Russia's Kursk region department is a kind of one of them. A notable eclectic mansion with Moorish motifs was built in 1913 for the Peasant Land Bank.

Знаменский собор


We will stop at the cathedral, built in honor of the victory in the Patriotic War of 1812. Its monumentality, huge dome and symmetry in proportions of the temple reminds European masterpieces of the Renaissance.

Римско-католический храм Успения Божией Матери


Let's shift the focus from Orthodoxy to Catholicism and visit the church of the end of XIX century, built in Neo-Gothic style. In the Soviet years, for almost 60 years, the temple was not in operation. Much of its original decoration was, alas, destroyed.

Курская государственная картинная галерея им. А.А.Дейнеки

Art Galleries

Let's look at the Kursk Art Gallery. The gallery's collection is so good that it can be placed on a par with the art museums of the capital. The gallery exhibits paintings, sculpture and graphics of domestic and foreign masters of the XVI-XXI centuries. Masterpieces of the collection: the works of AI Quinja, A. Deineka, VL Borovikovsky and others. Important: the museum is not open on Mondays and the last Friday of each month.

Fresh Cafe

Coffee Shops

We'll have lunch at a cafe with an emphasis on Belgian waffles with a variety of fillings. The menu has wok and pasta in addition to waffles.

Храм Георгия Победоносца


Let's go back to the place where our acquaintance with Kursk began yesterday - to "Kursk Bulge". In the light of day we will consider the memorial complex, dedicated to one of the largest and most decisive battles in the history of the Great Patriotic War. Let's go to the temple of St. Great Martyr George the Victorious to put candles for the desperate fight for our world. Inside the cathedral there are about 7 thousand marble plates with names of Russian fighters who died in the Kursk Bulge.

Hotel Aviator

Карьер (Михайловский рудник)

Scenic Lookouts

We say goodbye to Kursk and move to Oryol. On a way we will make a stop at Mikhailovsky mine where extraction of iron ores of the Kursk magnetic anomaly by open method is made. Close approach, of course, is not necessary, but if your camera has a good zoom, you can take all the impressive pictures!

Храм Иверской иконы Божией Матери


Here we are in the Eagle. Before it gets dark at all, let's see the Church of Iberia, erected in honor of the ascension to the throne of Nicholas II. The style of the temple can be classified as eclectic. In its image features of Russian, Byzantine and even Roman architecture are traced.

Памятник Ивану Грозному

Monuments / Landmarks

The monument is symbolically placed at the confluence of the rivers Oka and Orlika, where in 1566 by order of Ivan the Terrible was founded Oryol.

Богоявленский собор


Behind the back of Ivan the Terrible there is a temple built in the XVII century. This is the oldest stone building of the Eagle and the only preserved building in the part of the city where the Eagle Fortress once stood.

Гастропаб Каховка


We will exchange impressions at a dinner in the Orlov gastropub with open kitchen and colorful design. In the menu we recommend you to pay attention to the dishes cooked in the Spanish oven josper.

Hotel Aviator

Running to the hotel, we deserve a good night's sleep.