From Ryazan to Eagle: 5 cities in 6 days. – Day 4: On a date with Voronezh.

Today we will see not only the iconic sights of Voronezh, but also those that are likely to leave an indelible imprint in your memory.
From Ryazan to Eagle: 5 cities in 6 days.
Travel distance by car: 308 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Voronezh, Kursk, Stary Oskol

Trip duration: 6 days

Alina Maslova



It's time to enjoy a rice porridge with mango chutney, guacamole with salmon and smoked sour cream or casserole with custard. And rather explore Voronezh!

Успенский Адмиралтейский храм


Let's stop at the oldest church in the city, the first mention of which dates back to the XVI century. The temple even remembers the presence in the city of Peter I himself, when the first Russian ships under his personal leadership were laid on the Voronezh shipyard. In fact, the ready ships were consecrated right here.

Адмиралтейская площадь


After leaving the temple, we will go to Admiralty Square or "Admiraltyka", as it is called by the Voronezh people. The square is designed as a semicircle. In its center there is a 28 m high Rostral column, which was installed in memory of the construction of the Russian Navy. On the opposite side of the temple you can see triumphal arches, symbolizing the Russian Empire's access to the sea. The square is facing the Voronezh water reservoir.

Корабль «Гото Предестинация»

Boats or Ferries, Moving Targets

Not far from Admiralty Square is moored a copy of the first linear ship of the Russian Navy, the construction of which was led by Peter I at the Voronezh shipyard. In 1711 "Goto Predestination" ("God's Foresight") was involved in blocking the Azov coast from the approach of the Turkish fleet. Important: you can get inside the ship with a tour. Actual time of work and details of booking of excursion specify [on an official site of a museum](

Площадь Победы


"Stalingrad-on-Don" - so proudly Voronezh is praised for his services to the Great Patriotic War. In memory of this we will visit the memorial dedicated to the fearless soldiers who defended Voronezh in 1942-1943. The figures on Victory Square represent the entire Soviet people, who defended their homeland from the fierce fascists in battle and in the rear.

Благовещенский кафедральный собор


Let's visit the Voronezh Cathedral, which was completed relatively recently, in 2009. The Cathedral is considered one of the highest Orthodox temples in the world. Its highest point reaches 97 meters. Inside are stored the relics of the first Voronezh bishop St. Mitrophanius, the companion of Peter I, who sanctified the first ships of the Russian fleet.


Monuments / Landmarks

Get ready for the goosebumps. Before us is what survived the regional hospital during the fierce battle for Voronezh. It was decided to leave the surviving frame with the destroyed dome intact as a reminder to descendants of the high price our people paid during the Great Patriotic War.


Russian Restaurants, Eastern European Restaurants

We pause in our busy schedule and have lunch in a gastronomic restaurant of Russian cuisine, located in the legendary house known as "Harmoshka". The interior of the restaurant recreates the spiritual atmosphere of merchants of the early XX century. We recommend to pay attention to the dumplings taiga, shiro old Russian with stewed apples and sour cream, pork side, stewed in kvass with thyme.

Business-Hotel Element



Moving towards Kursk. On the way we will make a stop in Old Oskolsky dendrological park, where there are more than 70 different species of trees and shrubs, including exotic for the area.

Триумфальная арка

Monuments / Landmarks

We're in the hero town of Kursk. We will drive by the 24-meter long Triumphal Arch, erected in memory of the Battle of Kursk during the Great Patriotic War. Behind the arch is the 47 m high Church of St. George the Victorious, a monument of an unknown soldier and the Eternal Flame Memorial.



Time to have dinner in a cozy restaurant with stylish interior. European and Japanese dishes are on the menu. From curious positions: salad with quail in caramel, veal with spicy shrimps, spicy grilled pork ribs.

Business-Hotel Element

Let's go to the hotel to rest.