From Ryazan to Eagle: 5 cities in 6 days. – Day 2: From Ryazan to Tambov.

We'll spend the first half of the day in Ryazan. We'll walk around the Kremlin and have a look at the estate of the outstanding scientist and physiologist I.P. Pavlov. Then we'll go to Tambov. Upon arrival we will have time to see the main cathedral of the city and a couple of iconic monuments.
From Ryazan to Eagle: 5 cities in 6 days.
Travel distance by car: 303 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Ryazan, Tambov, Ryazhsk, Michurinsk, Kal'noye

Trip duration: 6 days

Alina Maslova


Coffee Shops

We start the morning in a cozy chamber coffee shop, surrounded by fresh flowers, which you can buy here. The cafe has a decent selection of breakfast dishes, ranging from the original cheese and bulgur salad bowl to lush punkies with blueberries and coconut chips.

Рязанский кремль

Historic Sites

Without a doubt, the main attraction of Ryazan, which contains on its territory as much as 18 historical and cultural monuments of XI-XIX centuries. Dominant not only of the Kremlin, but also of the entire city of Ryazan - Assumption Cathedral, built in the late XVII century in such a way that it can be seen 20 km from the city. A kind of beacon when navigating on the Oka. Important: actual information about tours in the Ryazan Kremlin can be found [on the official website of the museum complex](

Мемориальный музей-усадьба академика И. П. Павлова


We move to the estate of a talented physiologist, the first Russian Nobel Prize winner Ivan Pavlov. Here the childhood and youth of the future scientist passed. In addition to the house, where the life of a family of clergymen is recreated, it will be interesting to visit the House of Science, exhibits of which are dedicated to discoveries of Pavlov in the field of physiology of blood circulation, digestion and higher nervous activity. Important: the museum is not open on Mondays and the last Friday of each month. For details on how to arrange a tour of the estate, please call [on the official museum website](

Cream Soda Bar

Coffee Shops

Have a cup of author's coffee before heading towards Tambov. If you get hungry, pay attention to WOK or pasta. You can order take away and have a snack on the way.

Hotel Teatralnaya

Ряжск зоопарк


Short stop in the Ryazan region. Walk around the local zoo. Here you can even see a tiger and a lion. Important: entry is free.

Боголюбский кафедральный собор


Let's have a look at the Cathedral of Michurinsk. The temple was conceived to commemorate the end of the cholera epidemic in 1847. Its construction took 24 years.

Спасо-Преображенский кафедральный собор


Well, we got to Tambov, founded in 1636 by Roman Boborykin, the Tsar's voivode. Let us begin with an acquaintance with the main Orthodox cathedral of the city, which was visited by Emperor Nicholas II himself, Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, St. John of Kronstadt.

Chasovnya Pitirima Tambovskogo

From Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral we will walk to the chapel of Pitirim Tambovsky on the embankment of Tsna canal. The Chapel rises above the holy spring found by the first Bishop of Tambov, St. Pitirim at the end of the 17th century. Despite the fact that the spring was fallen asleep several times during the Soviet regime, it has always found the strength to break through to the surface.

Памятник тамбовскому мужику

Monuments / Landmarks

We're staying with folk hero Tambov. The monument to a three-meter long dredger trampling a machine gun ribbon and political slogans with his bare feet and a plough represents the ruined and destitute Tambov peasantry.

Тамбовская казначейша

Sculpture Gardens

Of course, you can't pass by this prominent lady, Avdotya Nikolaevna. The monument is dedicated to Lermontov's poem "The Tambov Treasurer".



We'll finish the day in a stylish restaurateur called Grenok. We recommend to pay attention to the ear in Astrakhan, lamb necklace with cranberry sauce, dumplings with currant filling and an ice cream ball.

Hotel Teatralnaya

The program is maximally executed for today, now sleep!