From Ryazan to Eagle: 5 cities in 6 days. – Day 1: Flights over the Moscow region and walks in the Jeninskie places

Let's go to Ryazan. On the way we imagine ourselves pilots at the helm of planes of different epochs in Zhukovsky, and then really fly over the sights of the southeast Moscow region in a gyroplane or a plane. We will walk around the small motherland of Sergey Esenin, the village Konstantinovo, and the evening Ryazan.
From Ryazan to Eagle: 5 cities in 6 days.
Travel distance by car: 274 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Ryazan, Konstantinovo, Zhukovskiy, Taganskiy, Voskresensk

Trip duration: 6 days

Alina Maslova

Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Жуковский музей истории покорения неба

History Museums

We're on our way to Ryazan. The first stop in Zhukovsky science town near Moscow. Let's visit the museum, which is famous for its interactive exhibition "Stories of conquest of the sky. In 2005, for the first time in Russian museum practice, aviation simulators were installed here. To imagine yourself as a pilot at the helm of planes of different epochs became finally real! Employees of the museum teach everyone the skills of taking off and landing, assaulting ground targets and conducting air battles. Important: the museum is closed on Sundays and Mondays. From Wednesday to Saturday it is open from 10:00, on Tuesdays from 14:00.

Aviatsentr "Voskresensk"

We will continue the theme of aviation at the unique in its kind airfield Voskresensk. The aerodrome fleet consists of 3 German gyros (hybrids of plane and helicopter), the most massive aircraft in the history of aviation Cessna 172 Skyhawk and super light aircraft EuroStar SL. Here it is offered, that is called, from above to look at sights of the southeast of the Moscow region on 3 excursion routes: "Rylov spring", "Above Kolomna", "Belaya Gora". If you wish, you can fly by plane or in a gyroplane. Travel time - from 15 minutes. You can discuss the impressions of a truly exciting excursion in the cafe "Plane" on the territory of the airfield. In addition to the main menu, there is a business lunch offer at lunch time. Important: current flight prices can be found [on the official website of the airline]( It is recommended to inform the airfield staff about your visit in advance.

Kremlyovskiy Park

Государственный музей-заповедник С. А. Есенина


Welcome to the small motherland of Sergei Esenin, in Konstantinovo village, which is on the steep bank of the Oka River. We will visit the Yeseninykh estate, where the poet spent his childhood and youth. We will walk to the Church of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan, where his parents married and baptized him. Let's see the Zemskaya school, where young Serozha was given to at the age of 9, and the estate of Lidia Kashina, who became the prototype of the heroine in Esenin's poem "Anna Snegina". Important: the museum-reserve is closed on Mondays. On other days the Jeseniny estate is open from 10:00 to 18:00, Zemstvo school and museum of poem "Anna Snegina" - from 10:00 to 16:00. Regarding the organization of tours, please check the phone number indicated [on the museum's website](

Памятник С. А. Есенину

Monuments / Landmarks

Let's move to Ryazan. In continuation of our date with Esenin, we will be photographed at his monument, located next to the cremation. A little factual information: the height of the sculpture reaches 4.5 meters, the height of the poet's hands - 8 meters, the weight of the composition - about 12 tons. The poet is executed in an unusual horizontal projection. The figure of the poet is dynamic and expressive. It is as if Esenin breaks out of the ground, faithfully reading his poems.

Monument to Lida I Shurik

We will continue our acquaintance with Ryazan monuments at Shurik and Lida from the film "Operation Y" by Leonid Gaidai. The sculpture, dedicated to students, was installed in 2015 to the 100th anniversary of the Sergei Yesenin State University.

Хорошие Руки


We'll have dinner at the mono-café meat kitchen. Judging by the reviews, we have every chance to taste the best steaks in Ryazan. Fans of fish dishes are advised to pay attention to the mono-café fish cuisine "Good Hands. Fish" at the address: Seminarskaya St., 1.

Kremlyovskiy Park

Let's go on a well-deserved vacation to the hotel. Why don't we watch "Operation Y" before we go to bed?