Museum and Mount E. Levitan.. Fabulous tunes in Kostroma (Berendey Park, residence of Snow Maiden). Open Air Museum "Kostroma Sloboda". Historical places in Kostroma. . . .

Fresh wind on the Volga. Ples Kostroma.

Ples has long inspired creative people: artists, artists, writers and musicians. The city of Ples made Isaac Levitan famous. Today, the cultural life of the city is still saturated. It hosts the Tarkovsky Film Festival "Mirror", All-Russian Guitar Festival, Jazz Festival, Levitan Classical Music Festival. Kostroma is the birthplace of Ivan Susanin, the cradle of the House of Romanovs, the residence of Snegurochka. Provincially quiet, cozy, charming and nice town, which is a must visit.

Fresh wind on the Volga. Ples Kostroma.

2 days itinerary by Tatyana Tsyvareva - Arts and Creativity, Families with Kids - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Arts and Creativity, Families with Kids

Day 1: Picturesque Plexiglas with metropolitan manners

Oh, Dog! The Pearl of the Volga, I don't get tired for hours. Standing at your foot.., You breathe eternally tirelessly. A heart rush to purity, And sang the brushes ** Levitan ** Your silent beauty. Provincial town Ples is a real natural diamond on the Volga River. Many famous artists sought it to relax the soul, admire the beauty and enjoy the clean air. This city is an inspiration for creativity. Try it yourself!!!
Visiting: Kostroma, Ples, Privolzhsk, Ivanovo

Day 2: Kostroma, tell me a story.

- **Kostroma**, tell me a story. - Well, what can I tell you? - Like **Ostrovsky** in a light terrace. I started writing about **Snow Maiden**. Tell me how he thought for hours... And what he dreamed of in silence. And also about Ivan Susanin**, Kostroma, you tell me. Tell me about Berendei's ***. Or sing a song about the Volga. I can't do it myself yet! I'm growing up and strengthening with you. *" Excerpt from a poem by Merzlyakova Alyona, class 11
Visiting: Kostroma, Ivanovo