Go skiing or skating at the Glades eco park.. Swimming in the water park "Okskaya Pearl". Come down from the mountain on a snowboard or cloth at Oka Holiday Camp.. Walk in the square Platter.. To be photographed at the monument to Dmitry Donskoy.. Learn how to prepare a pastila in the museum-factory of pastila.. Archery or trampoline in Action Park in Kemerovo. Walk along Paustovsky trail in Solotcha village. .

For the most active

We warn you immediately that this auto travel is designed for the most active! Both days will be dedicated to movement and sport in different parts of the Ryazan region. So be sure to take warm sports clothes and stock up on energy in advance!

For the most active

2 days itinerary by Yana Levchuk - Sport and Leisure - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Sport and Leisure

Day 1: In the monasteries of snow and steep slopes.

Remember when we used to come home as kids, completely covered in snow, with icicles on our hats and wet? We were scolded, we could get sick, but it was so much fun and joy that memories still warm the soul! Today we offer you to go back to your childhood and feel all those joyful moments that accompanied us almost all our childhood!
Visiting: Kolomna, Matchino, Solotcha, Ryazan, Kal'noye

Day 2: Movement is life!

The second day of the trip will also be dedicated to active recreation, but we will also see a couple of sights in the city of Kolomna, as to come to the city and not to learn a little about its history - blasphemy!
Visiting: Kolomna, Lukhovitsy, Ryazan, Sychevo