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For real extremists.

Get ready for the most exciting journey of your life. During these two days you'll ride through the woods on an ATV, fish in an icy lake, go skiing or snowboarding and... ...parachute jump!

For real extremists.

2 days itinerary by Maria Gorobets - Sport and Leisure, Adventures - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Sport and Leisure, Adventures

Day 1: Team games and ATV riding

Today will be a busy day! In the morning you'll have your eyes open to choose: jump on a trampoline to shoot with an archery, play paintball or lasertag, or maybe bazookabol or shoot each other with an archery? In the center of outdoor activities you can do it all! In the evening you can ride ATVs through snow-covered woods and have a rest with baked potatoes and samovar tea. Oh yeah, if you're a fishing fan, don't forget to get everything you need for her! After all, you will be in one of the few places in the Moscow region, where you can fish for free.
Visiting: Verzilovo, Maleyevo, Sychevo, Ozherel'ye, Barabanovo, Kolomna

Day 2: Parachute jump and snowboarding

This day will be exciting and will require a lot of courage from you! We will start with a small - skiing from a mountain: you can choose whether you will be skiing or snowboarding, or maybe sledding? Then there will be lunch, but not in an ordinary cafe, and the real shelter real bikers and adventurers. That's where you'll have the courage to take your next step, a free flight. Yes, yes, at Stupino airfield you will be able to parachute with an instructor or jump independently and feel the thrill of free flight!
Visiting: Verzilovo, Maleyevo, Kolomna, Kashira, Sokolova Pustyn', Donoshovo, Biorki