Learn the secrets of making ice cream at the Colibri factory.. Taste dishes of Kazakh cuisine in eco-aul "Dzhaylyau".. Try the ostrich at Makarya Ostrich Farm.. Buy smoked fish at the walls of Holy Trinity Makarievsky Yeltovodsky Monastery.

Food Is Life! One-day tour from Nizhny Novgorod.

In our lives, food occupies, if not the main thing, a very important place. It's time for gourmet savours and a real feast of taste! You will visit the ice cream factory, taste aromatic pilaf and manty in Kazakh aul, try ostrich - do not spare your belly for the sake of new gastro adventures!

Food Is Life! One-day tour from Nizhny Novgorod.

1 day itinerary by Marina Voronchikhina - Gastronomy Tour -

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Day 1: Ice cream factory, Kazakh dishes in eco-aul, ostrich farm

In the morning you will go to taste the fillings and prepare Eskimo for the Colibri ice cream factory in Bor. Tightly dine on traditional Kazakh cuisine in the eco-aul "Dzhayliau" and then visit an ostrich farm. In the evening you will drop in at Holy Trinity Makarievo Yeltovod Monastery, which once hosted the largest fair in Russia.
Visiting: Ostankino, Makar'yevo, Bor, Nizhny Novgorod, Rozhnovo, Khrushchevo