Folk Crafts Museum. Miniature Painting Factory. Marfino Estate. .

Folk arts and crafts Moscow region. Fedoskino

This trip will acquaint you with folk crafts of Moscow region. You will visit the museum of folk crafts, where you will get acquainted with Fedoskin's lacquer miniature, Gzhel, Bogorodskaya toy, Pavlovoposadskaya manufactory, Sergiev Posadskaya toy, Zhostovskaya painting. At the factory of miniature painting you will see the production and visit the art workshop. Besides the excursion program you can take part in various master classes. You'll also take a stroll around the Marfino estate of the nobility.

Folk arts and crafts Moscow region. Fedoskino

1 day itinerary by Eugenia Laputina - Arts and Creativity, Staycation -

Road Trip Categories: Arts and Creativity, Staycation

Day 1: Crafts and Marfino Manor

The trip will start with the Museum of Folk Arts, where we will get acquainted with folk arts and crafts of Moscow region, visit the factory of miniature painting and see the process of production and painting of objects and participate in master classes. And in the afternoon we will walk around the beautiful territory of the Marfino estate.
Visiting: Marfino, Moscow, Rumyantsevo, Anichkovo, Degunino