Family weekend in Dmitrov and Zavidovo Park. – Day 1: Amazing discoveries of the lovely Moscow suburbs.

Today you'll visit the museum of lacquer box in Fedoskino, walk in the Marfino manor, admire the beauty from the shaft of the Dmitrovsky Kremlin, visit the museum of frogs, taste delicious dishes.
Family weekend in Dmitrov and Zavidovo Park.

Trip duration: 2 days

Alexandr Kosar

Volkswagen Polo

Музей народных промыслов


Let's start our journey by visiting the Museum of Folk Arts. This is the former mansion of merchant Lukutin, the owner of the famous varnish handicrafts. They founded this craft to make lacquer visors for headgear during the war with Napoleon. And the caskets were taken up later, in peacetime. On our surprise, there were very interesting excursions where told about occurrence of a craft, about the Chinese caskets "schinuazri", with what, actually all and began.

Усадьба «Марфино»


Very close to Fedoskino is the Marfino Manor. Here we will enjoy the silence, peace and purest air. Beautiful manor house in pseudo-Gothic style, quiet pond with rolls, stairs, rotunda, summer cool in a deciduous park, in winter frosty beauty. There is also a military sanatorium. The energy of peace and tranquillity. There are such pleasant places!

Gazpromneft filling station #210


Cafés, Restaurants

We are moving away from the Russian manor house and are approaching dinner. We decided to stay in a family cafe. Clean, very tasty, we liked the menu adapted for children. We had lunch and took some more desserts with us.

Дмитровский кремль

Historic Sites

And now we're going for a walk in the Dmitrov Kremlin. We've started the inspection from the Kremlin shaft. What marvelous views are opening here! We took a lot of pictures. It's so nice here! There are interesting expositions in the museums on the territory of the Kremlin, in the temples, and what we liked the most - is not very crowded. Everything is calm, orderly and noble.

Музей лягушки


Of course, the children couldn't get past the frog museum. Yes, don't be surprised, there is one. If you want, they'll give you a free tour. You can buy any of the ones you like, but we, having examined the green beauties, did not stay long here.

Фонтан "Ожидание"


On Dmitrov Square, which is considered the younger brother of Moscow, the fountain "Waiting" also surprised the frogs. Sitting, waiting for the prince. While we were trying to understand why frogs are so loved in Dmitrov, children were photographed against their background.



We had dinner at the Provence Restaurant. It's cozy and delicious. Unusual dishes in the menu and service pleased.