National Horse Park "Rus". Visit to the Kolomna Kremlin. Pastila Museum Factory. Samovar House. Favorite Toy Museum.

Family trip to Kolomna

Do you know where to go with your family for one day? The answer is obviously to Kolomna. Kolomna is not only a city with great history, but also a place where you can see incredible scenery, visit interesting sights and museums. It is a place where both adults and children will be interested.

Family trip to Kolomna

1 day itinerary by Margarita Glumova - History and Culture, Families with Kids -

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture, Families with Kids

Day 1: Park "Rus" and Kolomna sights

During the day of our trip we will visit many interesting places. First we will visit "Rus" - National Equestrian Park, where you can walk, ride horses, visit various museums and attractions. Then we'll go to the most beautiful Kolomna Kremlin, visit the famous museum of pastel, a house of samovar, as well as a private gallery with toys.
Visiting: Kolomna, Orlovo, Moscow, Zyuzino