Sonia Lagoon Entertainment Complex . Historic Gardarica Park . Palaeopark "Archeos" . Husky Miass Center. . Excursion to the factory "Gunsmith".

Family time travel

In this journey your children will not only have fun, but also learn! Fascinating interactive excursions to the Stone Age, ancient Russia, the Middle Ages and the armory factory are waiting for you. You can also ride dog sleds, quad bikes, feed rabbits and goats and climb into an ice cave. An unforgettable family holiday is guaranteed!

Family time travel

3 days itinerary by Александра Нуркаева - Families with Kids, Unobvious locations, Adventures - 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Families with Kids, Unobvious locations, Adventures

Day 1: Journey to the Stone Age and an ice cave

On the first day you will plunge into the life of an ancient man in the entertainment and educational park "Archeos", walk along the Bazhovsky trail through a fabulous pine forest and climb into a real ice cave!
Visiting: Kyshtym, Kasli, Sysert', Kanifol'nyy, Uktusskiy, Kleopino, Yekaterinburg

Day 2: Urals Disneyland and a tour of an arms factory

On the second day you will find yourself in a fairy tale with stone castles, knights and dragons, take a pirate ship on board and create your own decoration with the famous "Zlatoust engraving".
Visiting: Zlatoust, Kyshtym, Malaya Zapan', Turgoyak, Degtyarka, Satka

Day 3: Park of historical reconstruction and dog sledding

Today you will again have a fascinating journey into the past, this time to ancient Russia, as well as a ride in sledding with cute fluffy husky and a walk through the picturesque marble career.
Visiting: Zlatoust, Turgoyak, Kleopino, Tuktubay, Bol'shoye Balandino, Birgil'da, Yekaterinburg, Turgoyak, Kashino