Take photos at the Egyptian Gate. Walk in Alexandrovsky Park. Visit the Birch House. Visit the Leningrad desert. Learn the legend of the Church of the Holy Trinity.. Visit the radon lakes. Feel the spirit of the past by touching the ruins of the estates..

Exotics of the Leningrad Region

There are many mysterious and amazing places in the Leningrad region. If you want to touch the history, enjoy the picturesque views and take atmospheric photos, then this trip is for you! You will see the residence of the last Russian emperor, visit the abandoned estates, half-destroyed church, medieval fortress, visit the local desert and unique radon lakes. Bring comfortable shoes with you! ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

Exotics of the Leningrad Region

2 days itinerary by #бесценныемаршруты - Unobvious locations - 1 Hotel

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Day 1: Unique places in the Leningrad region

On the first day of the trip you will see the Egyptian Gate, take a walk in the Alexander Park, visit the Birch House Pavilion, head for an amazing desertlike career and see the ruins of the Holy Trinity Church.
Visiting: Dylitsy, Voyskovitsy, Gatchina, Pyataya Gora, Nikol'skoye, Pushkin, Saint Petersburg

Day 2: Touch on history

The second day will start with an abandoned manor house, then you'll visit the monument of medieval defensive architecture - Koporje fortress, walk around the territory of Radon lakes in Lopukhinka, visit an abandoned manor house in Lomonosov district. The trip ends with dinner in a restaurant in St. Petersburg.
Visiting: Dylitsy, Centralniy, Gostilitsy, Sel'tso, Torosovo, Lopukhinka, Kopor'ye