Stroll through the amazing art park "Nikola Lazyvets".. Goes on a tour of the museum-diorama "Great Standing on the Ugra River".. Look into Karst caves. Take a trip around the globe at the Ethnomir Park and Museum.. Visit the largest bird park in Russia. See the Rainbow Falls.

Conquer the Kaluga expanses

You will stroll through a unique art park with impressive installations, make a trip to Sri Lanka without leaving the Kaluga region, see a live flamingo and a red bustard bustard, as well as look at a waterfall, look into karst caves and walk over the suspension bridge. Photo: [Diana Moon](Вселенский_разум,_парк_ "Nikola_Lenivets".jpg)

Conquer the Kaluga expanses

2 days itinerary by Александра Нуркаева - History and Culture, Sport and Leisure - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture, Sport and Leisure

Day 1: The whole world in the Kaluga region

On the first day you will see sculptural and architectural installations by leading world authors and visit the largest ethnographic park-museum in Russia! Фото [karel291](
Visiting: Petrovskaya, Nikola-Lenivets, L'va Tolstogo, Kremenskoye, Zvizzhi, Romodanovo, Kaluga

Day 2: Amazing places in Kaluga region

A fascinating walk through the park with exotic birds, a picturesque waterfall, a suspension bridge and a museum of garbage await you on the second day of your trip to the Kaluga region.
Visiting: Petrovskaya, Kaluga, Ist'ya, Taydashevo, Mstikhino, Obninsk, Panino, Sinyakovo, Detchino