Maral sausages. Altai honey apiaries. Baked in the ground maral meat "hunting.". Cheese with rosemary and thyme. Spruce cones cocktail. . .

Cheese and honey tale

You will have a delicious adventure that starts in Biysk with traditional pancakes, after which with a calm conscience you can go further. Of course, Altai will not do without tasting honey, you will get "Honey in the Ear" on an apiary with the same name. I advise you to finish the evening in a traditional Altai bath and a delicious home dinner. If you think that you have tasted everything, it is not so! You still have to taste cheese with rosemary and thyme or walnut, a cocktail of fir cones and cowberries or even roe deer meat pate. The choice here is huge, so your trip will be accompanied by easy walks through the most beautiful landscapes of the Altai Mountains. On the way!

Cheese and honey tale

2 days itinerary by Anna Semochkina - Gastronomy Tour - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Gastronomy Tour

Day 1: Maral sausages and Altai honey

A day filled with food and beautiful landscapes awaits you! You will start the day with Russian pancakes, then look at the local market, where you can get acquainted with the gifts of Altai and go to the honey apiary, where you will meet hundreds of bees, working for our benefit. Finish your day making homemade cheese at the resort and then enjoy a sauna.
Visiting: Kamlak, Barnaul, Aya, Zarya, Tavda, Ust'-Muny, Srostki, Gorno-Altaysk

Day 2: Cheese tasting

Today you will start again with maralas, but this time with "maralas hunting", meet other apiaries, walk on the rocks, be sure to visit the private Colorite cheese dairy for home cheese. Also don't forget to try cocktails of spruce cones - a real treat. Get ready, an active and tasty day awaits you.
Visiting: Belokurikha, Bol'shaya Kyrkyla, Novotyryshkino, Krasnyy Gorodok, Barnaul, Kamlak