Visit the resort village of Solotcha. To visit the house-museum of I.P. Pozhalostin.. Walk in the ancient village of Spas Klepiki.. To sit at the desk, where S. Esenin studied, at the Spas Klepikov Second-Grade Teachers' School.. Make a stop in the village of Gus-Zhelezny.. To be photographed on the Cathedral Square near the Ascension Cathedral. Listen to the history of the merchants of the Alyanchikovs at the Kasimov Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve. To see ancient samovars in the museum "Russian Samovar".. Take a break at Oksk reserve.. . .

By land of Ryazan

The Ryazan land is rich in historical events and outstanding personalities. This trip gathers the most interesting places so that in just two days you can get acquainted with the real gems of the Ryazan region, enjoy the beauty of its nature and visit museums with informative expositions.

By land of Ryazan

2 days itinerary by Yana Levchuk - History and Culture - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Seated like the pearls of a Ryazan necklace.

The first day we will fully devote to walks in villages and villages, each of which has its own attractions. You will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of peace and quiet that has always attracted city dwellers and simply tired of the bustle of life.
Visiting: Kasimov, Solotcha, Spas-Klepiki, Gus'-Zheleznyy, Kal'noye, Ryazan

Day 2: Kasimovskie Seats

The second day of our road trip will be fully devoted to the history of a small town Kasimov. We will get acquainted with the main events that took place on this land, visit the cathedral and see how difficult it used to be to brew tea.
Visiting: Kasimov, Brykin Bor, Spassk-Ryazanskiy, Ryazan, Sobchakovo, Nikitino