Catch a pike in Zavidovo.. Set a speed record on the track. Hit the target in the Foxhole Ditch.. Conquer the snowy slopes.. . .

Busy trip from Tver

Declare the battle of winter sadness and go towards adventure! Fishing among pristine nature, karting on a professional track, shooting at the range, ski slopes and cozy evening walks await us. Let's go!

Busy trip from Tver

3 days itinerary by Sati Sarkisyan - Sport and Leisure - 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Sport and Leisure

Day 1: Fishing in Zavidovo. Acquaintance with the city of Klin.

Today we will go to the Zavidovo National Park. We will try to catch fish and enjoy the views of untouched nature. In the evening, we'll take a walk in the center of Klin.
Visiting: Klin, Vozdvizhenskoye, Zavidovo, Emmaus, Vladimirovka, Tver'

Day 2: Beacon Cartodrome. Shooting at the Foxhole Ditch.

Today we have a day full of impressions. We will ride on maps on a professional open track, and then go to the range, where we will have the opportunity to test their accuracy and shoot enough.
Visiting: Yakhroma, Klin, Ignatovo, Dedenevo

Day 3: Ski club. Acquaintance with the city of Dmitrov.

Shall we go for a ride? What do you choose? Skis? Snowboard? Tubing? Skates, maybe? When all the slopes are rolled, we will go to Dmitrov to take a walk around the White Stone Kremlin and have dinner in a very interesting restaurant.
Visiting: Yakhroma, Dmitrov, Shukolovo, Rogachevo, Tver', Lazurnaya