Around Moscow in 6 days: forests and reserves – Day 6: Home via Vladimir region

Today our trip to the reserves closest to Moscow ends. We depart from Gus-Khrustalny and head for Moscow. According to a well-established tradition, we will make a few stops in nature on the way.
Around Moscow in 6 days: forests and reserves
Travel distance by car: 277 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Gus'-Khrustal'nyy, Anopino, Taganskiy, Vladimir, Balashikha, Malaya Dubna, Petushki, Monino

Trip duration: 6 days

Alexandr Kosar


Italian Restaurants

Our last morning we started our journey in a small Italian-style cafe "Comilfo". It is very cozy and bright inside, you can choose Japanese as well as Italian cuisine. When planning a visit here, you should be more careful, because on Saturday and Sunday this place does not work.



One of the most beautiful places we met on the way back is the quarry near the village of Vysokovo in the Vladimir region. Here you'll find a huge sandy beach on the southern shore, a small forest on the opposite one, and also, if you go a little further south, you'll find yourself in a thick pine forest.



After the beach we moved on and, having passed quite a long way, decided to make a stop in the town of Petushki in the cafe "Sarai". Here is a bit kitschy, but very cozy interior, the menu has a wide selection of oriental dishes, as well as light snacks and desserts.

Малодубенское Озеро


In the afternoon we headed for the pine forest, located near the small village of Malaya Dubna, Moscow Region. Passing through the maze, you can go out on a huge field, which is also located a small lake. In general, it was quite windy here, just to launch a kite.

Монинский лес


Already at the entrance to Moscow we decided to make one last trip to nature in our trip to the Moninsky forest, which is located very close to the village Balabanovo. In general, it is not very dense, there are no bogs, but there is a pond in the northern part of the forest, near which you can have a picnic or just walk.

Пицца Рома

Pizza Places

Well, it was decided to stay for dinner at the Roma pizzeria in Balashikha. In fact, we are not big fans of pizza, but to our luck here are served other dishes. For example, we can celebrate Naples and chicken in Milan. Prices here are also quite affordable for an average budget.