Around Moscow in 6 days: forests and reserves – Day 5: In the thickets of national parks.

Today our journey has reached its climax: we are planning a trip to two major national parks in the central part of the country. In addition, we will leave Ryazan and head north.
Around Moscow in 6 days: forests and reserves

Trip duration: 6 days

Alexandr Kosar


Cafés, Buffets

In the historical center of Ryazan is a cozy cafe "CHULAN", where we decided to start this morning. Facility's culinary repertoire includes various dishes, for example, we liked fish rissoles under marinade with mashed potatoes, and pork escalope in cream and mushroom sauce with rice.

Окский заповедник

Nature Preserves

Another unique natural object, bordering the Moscow region, is the Oka reserve. A small river Pra flows on its territory, and there are many remote and secluded lakes and swamps. It is a perfect place for a boat ride, as well as a picnic in nature and rest from the city noise and bustle.

Hotel Kray

Тума. Кафе березка

Bagel Shops

We stopped for lunch to eat borscht in one of the small cafes on the way called "Beryozka". The atmosphere here is generally idle, but hospitable and cozy. The range of dishes can hardly be called wide, but still there is something to choose from, especially for fans of Russian cuisine.

Мещёрский национальный парк

National Parks

Another most important object in our trip was the Meshchera National Park. This place is not only a unique natural site, but also historical, as there are a number of historical sites, as well as archaeological monuments.


Cafés, Restaurants

We spent the evening in a small restaurant called "Jam", which is near the waterfront. The interior of the hall where we sat was stylish and modern, the atmosphere was diluted and unobtrusive music. On the menu we were delighted with fish dishes as well as a very wide range of snacks.