Around Moscow in 6 days: forests and reserves – Day 4: From Kaluga to Ryazan.

Today we leave Kaluga and head east towards the city of Ryazan. Along the way we plan to stop near the Oka River, in dense forests, as well as near lakes, ponds and pine forests.
Around Moscow in 6 days: forests and reserves

Trip duration: 6 days

Alexandr Kosar


Cafés, Breakfast Spots

Before leaving Kaluga, we headed for breakfast at Slasten's breakfast cafe on Teatralnaya Street. There is a rather wide range of desserts and homemade dishes, especially homemade cheesecakes with jam and sour cream, as well as pancakes with cheese and bacon.

Лесок со сморчками


The first stop on that day was a birch forest near the village of Boldasovka, Kaluga region. The area is not very populated here, so the walk is likely to take place in complete solitude. If you walk three hundred meters deep into the thicket, you can go to the bank of a small river Horschnia.


Сосновый Бор


On the border of Tula and Kaluga regions, on the northern outskirts of the city Alexin there is a huge pine forest, the border of which is located almost near the bank of the river Oka. If you choose the right time of the trip, you'll most likely find here various mushrooms and berries.

TOMATO pizza & pasta

Pizza Places

TOMATO pizza & pasta, a small pizzeria in Alexin's center, was the place where we had lunch this day. The menu is not limited to pizza, there are several kinds of soups, salads, as well as snacks and desserts. For example, we liked the marinara pasta and pancakes with cherry and apple.

Озеро Надежды


In the afternoon we went further and, being on the road for about an hour, decided to make a stop near a small lake near the village of Spicino. Its shores are decorated with rare birches, there are several small beaches, and if you go far away, you will find yourself in a birch grove.

Благодатский пруд


The evening walk today will take place near the small village of Grace of the Moscow region on the shores of a local pond, which is some distance from the road and is surrounded by endless fields and expanses. Small trees also rarely grow near the pond.

Как у мамы

Mac & Cheese Joints, Eastern European Restaurants

The cozy cafe "Like Mom's" was where we spent the evening. It has a very cozy interior and a quiet atmosphere, the choice of dishes is quite wide, there is both national and European cuisine.