Arkhangelsk Pomorie: the land of severe taiga, wooden masterpieces and sea romance – Day 5: Picturesque Kholmogory and homeland of Lomonosov

In the morning we will go to the village Kholmogory - once the main city of the whole Dvinsk region. From there we will take a ferry (which is an adventure in itself!) to the village of Lomonosovo - the birthplace of the famous scientist and the center of bone carving. After that we start our way back home - we'll spend the night in Kargopol.
Arkhangelsk Pomorie: the land of severe taiga, wooden masterpieces and sea romance
Travel distance by car: 533 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Arkhangel'sk, Kargopol', Lomonosovo, Plesetsk, Obozerskiy, Brin-Navolok

Trip duration: 6 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Историко-мемориальный музей М. В. Ломоносова

History Museums

Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov was born in the vicinity of Kholmogor. The village of Mishaninskaya was later named after him - now it is Lomonosov. In the 40s in the village there was opened a historical and memorial museum dedicated to the great scientist. The museum is open every day except Monday. Applications for excursions are accepted in advance. And Lomonosov has dozens of boneheaded families in several generations. The filigree works of local craftsmen are a snowy, melting fairy tale. Kholmogorsk bone carving is known all over the country - thanks to talented craftsmen the craft continues to live and flourish. * You can take the ferry to [museum]( * in Lomonosov. It leaves daily at 9:30 from the pier "Bus Station" (near Naberezhnaya street, 48). The crossing takes 10-15 minutes. To find out the ferry schedule, please, call 8 (818-30) 37-0-06.

странник велеса


We'll have lunch at the Wanderer of Veles cafe near the Lomonosov Museum. There is a cozy room with a Russian stove and a guest room at the guests' disposal. Despite its location and popularity, the prices here are simply ridiculous.

Guest House Poonezhye

Успенский Холмогорский Монастырь


We return by ferry, which leaves at 13:30 from the other bank, to Kholmogory. In pre-Peter time it was the main city of Dvinsk land and one of the centers of Russian icon painting. It was here that the first Russian factory and the first Russian quarter, where foreigners settled, appeared. According to unofficial reports, the tomb of deposed Emperor John VI is also located here. Today there are 4 thousand people living in Kholmogory. Houses here are mostly wooden, temples have been standing for many centuries. The Old Dormition Monastery, the Bishops' Chambers (1689) and the Saviour Transfiguration Cathedral (1691) are the main value of the village.

Домашняя Кухня


We'll make a short stop at a roadside cafe. A cup of coffee and a hearty cake will not hurt a tired traveler.

40-тысячный км Электрификации ЖД РФ

Monuments / Landmarks

We'll stop by the village of Obozersky for a little while. The Northern Railway passes through it. At the station you can see the monument in honor of 40 thousandth kilometer of electrification of railways in the Soviet Union. It is noteworthy that the next section of the railway to Arkhangelsk is not electrified, so electric locomotives here have to be replaced by diesel locomotives.

У Вадимыча


You can have dinner in Plesetsk, at the cafe "U Vadimych". This is one of the few cafes in town that works late.

Guest House Poonezhye

We'll sleep in the already familiar Kargopol. We will arrive late - go to bed as soon as possible, because tomorrow you have to spend the whole day on the road.