Arkhangelsk Pomorie: the land of severe taiga, wooden masterpieces and sea romance – Day 3: Walk around Arkhangelsk and the museum of wooden architecture "Little Korels".

In the first half of the day we will be walking around Arkhangelsk. It's a lively, atmospheric port city. Among multi-storey houses there are sea gulls circling, and the Dvina looks not like a river, but like an endless sea (to which, by the way, 30 km). In the afternoon we go to the Museum of Wooden Architecture "Little Korels", where we will stay till dark. Evening we will meet in an Argentinean restaurant and jazz bar - a drop of fun before bedtime will not hurt!
Arkhangelsk Pomorie: the land of severe taiga, wooden masterpieces and sea romance
Travel distance by car: 51 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Arkhangel'sk, Malyye Korely

Trip duration: 6 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Гостиные Дворы


We'll start the day by walking around Arkhangelsk. Visit the oldest building in the city - Gostiny Dvor (end of XVII century). Look at the wooden skyscraper and piercing military monuments. Almost everywhere in Arkhangelsk, except the center, there are wooden pavements - it's much more pleasant to walk on them than on asphalt. Be sure to visit Archangelsk port - the oldest in the country. Even before St. Petersburg Arkhangelsk was a window of Russia to Europe. Visit Peter the Great on the Northern Dvina embankment - this monument is depicted on a 500-ruble bill. Finally look at Solombala Island - the most picturesque area of old Arkhangelsk.

музей архангельского пряника

History Museums

The most souvenirs can be bought in the museum-workshop "Arkhangelsk Gingerbread" - it is located in the city center. Goats - or baked dough figures decorated with burnt sugar - are the symbol and protection of Pomorie. It is believed that they protect the house from evil spirits.

Ресторан Поморский


It's lunchtime! I invite you to the restaurant "Pomorsky" - to continue getting acquainted with local cuisine. Here you can order boiled Pomor ear made of sterlet and eat pancakes with salmon, try three kinds of kulebyaka with fragrant Arkhangelsk chest. The institution's crown dish is "a dish made of Pomorska cod with overseas crabs".

Музей «Малые Корелы»


The Little Korela Museum has collected dozens of monuments of wooden architecture in the open air. Churches, chapels, peasant manors, mills are witnesses of the life of Pomors in XVI - early XX centuries. You can walk around the museum for a long time: you want to see every hut and every barn endlessly. * Some sites have museums - they are open until 5:00 pm or 6:00 pm (some things close on weekends). Entrance - only 200 rubles. *

El Fuego

Argentinian Restaurants

Let's expand the theme of the trip with Latin notes! We go to Argentinean restaurant "El Fuego", where they cook on "live" coal in the open kitchen right in the guest room. The restaurant specializes in preparation of steaks and dishes from fish.

Гостиные Дворы


Let's drop by the best jazz bar in Arkhangelsk for an hour. The "Jazz Workshop" is located in the Gostiny Dvor building. It is an incredibly atmospheric place with good acoustics and professional musicians, led by the famous Arkhangelsk musician Tim Dorofeev. If you have had a bad experience visiting jazz concerts, make sure you come here: "Jazz Workshop" will fix everything.

Novotel Arkhangelsk

The third day of the journey is coming to an end. Dancing after a jazz concert, we go to the hotel to look through painted gingerbread and remember the most beautiful landscapes before going to bed.