Arkhangelsk Pomorie: the land of severe taiga, wooden masterpieces and sea romance – Day 1: The first day: Prophetic Oleg's mounds, Old Russian-style restaurant, charming Yuxovichi and a night in Kargopol.

The first day we'll be completely on our way. On the way we'll stop at the Prophetic Oleg's mound, have lunch in the real royal chambers, sit in silence next to a wooden church near Lake Yuxovsky. We'll meet in Vyterga and spend the night in Kargopol. Yay! More than halfway through!
Arkhangelsk Pomorie: the land of severe taiga, wooden masterpieces and sea romance
Travel distance by car: 668 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Vytegra, Kargopol', Rodionovo, Centralniy, Verkhniye Mandrogi, Selivanovo Pervoye, Staraya Ladoga

Trip duration: 6 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Курганы Вещего Олега

Historic Sites

Not far from the Old Ladoga, on the bank of the Volkhov River there is a group of mounds. The largest of them is called Oleg's grave, or Prophetic Oleg's mound. In the "Novgorod Chronicle" it is said that the Grand Duke of Kiev is buried on Ladoga (not on the Dnieper, as at Pushkin). And though the burial mounds were not found in the ground, they are still considered a "place of power". And also - it's a great observation deck!

Gazpromneft filling station #111

It's a great trip, isn't it? And for it to be dynamic, come to the Gazpromneft filling station, take water and a snack.

Guest House Poonezhye

Ресторан Мандроги


For lunch we will stop at a restaurant in Mandrogi, a reconstructed 19th century village. These are real refectory rooms in the old Russian royal style, with antique furniture and antique household items. The menu corresponds to the interiors: beef tongue with horseradish, cutlets from Onega zander, venison dumplings. Prices are expected to be high, but no money is pitiful for such beauty. But there is one thing: everything here is prepared "with a knife", so complex dishes should be ordered in advance. As an alternative, you can look into the next pancake shop, where they cook much faster.

Юксовичи, Церковь св. Великомученника Георгия Победоносца


We're gonna go take a break at Lake Yuxovsky. Here, on a green hill stands an ancient temple - a perfect example of wooden architecture. It was built in 1493 by master monks who came to the lake. In the 30s, the temple was closed. Today the church is active: sometimes divine services are held there.



The day falls on the evening, dinnertime. We'll stop at Vytegra, a small town which is best known for its museum "B-440 Submarine". (in this time it will be closed). Restaurant "Watergate" is located in the basement of the hotel complex "Wardenclyffe Volgo-Balt". The summer veranda is open in the warm season. The menu includes stewed chicken breast with blueberry sauce, fried cigar fillet and other beautiful dishes.

Guest House Poonezhye

Closer to midnight we will arrive in Kargopol - a historic city on the left bank of the Onega River. We will admire its beauties in the morning, and in the meantime - to sleep!