Visit the abandoned estates near Moscow.. Buy a Pavloposadian handkerchief. Touch the history of architecture of Ancient Russia. Learn to blacksmith.

Architectural Monuments of Ancient Russia

The journey will take you back centuries and give you the opportunity to see the beauty of the monuments of architecture of Ancient Russia, represented as monasteries, temples, cathedrals and the Kremlin. It is a wonderful opportunity to touch the era and feel the full power of the national heritage of our country. Be sure to visit the smiths and the Museum of Wooden Architecture, which displays peasant life in the most authentic huts. The route also includes estates near Moscow that used to belong to the richest families in Russia. Now they are little known, but this does not prevent them from maintaining their charm and great atmosphere.

Architectural Monuments of Ancient Russia

3 days itinerary by Darina Frantz - History and Culture, Arts and Creativity - Car, 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture, Arts and Creativity

Day 1: Abandoned estates and museum of Russian shawl and shawl history

Did you know that on the territory of Moscow region there are abandoned estates, which centuries ago belonged to famous and rich families of Russia? This journey begins with a visit to two of the most important estates. Plunge into the XVII century and for a moment feel the trends of that time. In the afternoon you will have a unique opportunity to buy the famous Pavloposadski shawl in the museum of the Russian shawl, learn the history of its creation and the influence of fashion on shawls and shawls.
Visiting: Pokrov, Pavlovskiy Posad, Kirzhach, Moscow, Balashikha, Novaya, Vostochnyy

Day 2: Ancient city Vladimir

The second day of the trip will be dedicated to the oldest and most significant city in Russia - Vladimir. Many centuries ago it was Vladimir who was the center of political power and religion. You will get acquainted with the famous cathedrals and architectural monuments of the times of prosperity of this city. Don't forget to look into a real forge, learn to forge iron and feel like a craftsman of those times.
Visiting: Suzdal, Pokrov, Vladimir, Krasnoye Selo

Day 3: Classical Russian landscape of Suzdal

Today you will get acquainted with a wonderful museum city - Suzdal. Historical monuments of the city are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, which makes it a treasure of national culture. In Suzdal, as in the capsule of time, preserved almost the entire millennial history of the city, which managed to visit both the princely capital and the dense backwater. Having visited this city once, you will want to return here to see once again the endless Russian expanses.
Visiting: Suzdal, Kirzhach, Moscow