Enjoy the beauty of Darwin Reserve.. To see the cranes alive. Follow the ant trail in Zavidovo.. Visit the largest snail farm in Russia. Feed the spotted deer in Kalyazin.. Learn how to horseshoe a horse on a farm on the street.. Going to the mouse city. Pet a raccoon and buy a clay goat in Tver.. . .

Animal tour to Rybinskoe reservoir

Protected nature and communication with animals is the best cure for moping. During this animal tour you will visit four farms and three huge reserves, see with your own eyes rare birds and animals in their habitats, look at the livestock industry in a different way. You will learn how to cook cheese and horseshoe. And maybe you'll even get a picture drawn by a colt. In a word, it'll be fun!

Animal tour to Rybinskoe reservoir

6 days itinerary by Marina Voronchikhina - Farms and Animals - Car, 4 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Farms and Animals

Day 1: Crane Homeland, Wild Lynx and Russian Bath

We will spend most of the day in the "Crane Motherland" - the reserve where cranes and other birds live. Before dinner we will talk to exotic animals in the country club "El Rancho", and finish this beautiful day in a Russian bath on the bank of the river Zhabnya.
Visiting: Yermolino, Nagorskoye, Kalyazin, Moscow, Yaroslavishchi

Day 2: Kalyazin: snail farm and spotted deer

The second day we'll spend in Kalyazin and its surroundings. We will swim to the famous flooded bell tower, we will visit a snail farm. In the afternoon we'll have a rest in a pine forest on the bank of the Volga river, where we'll get acquainted with rare spotted deer, and meet the sunset on the summer terrace of the local yacht club.
Visiting: Kalyazin, Mitseyevo

Day 3: Cheese tasting in Uglich, an equestrian estate and a town of mice.

Early in the morning we leave for Uglich, where we will visit a tasting of local farmer's cheeses and the manor of Russian life with horses. In the afternoon we will arrive in the city, where everything is connected with mice. We will spend the evening on the bank of the Rybinskoye reservoir - a huge lake of fanciful shape and inexpressible beauty.
Visiting: Dmitrekhovo, Kalyazin, Uglich, Myshkin, Ivashkovo

Day 4: Darwin Biosphere Reserve: a small wildlife world

We'll take the first half of the day to visit the Darwin Nature Reserve. It is located on the bank of the Rybinskoye reservoir and is a specially protected area. The area of the complex - more than 112 thousand hectares, of which more than half is land, and the rest - on the coastal waters. We will spend the rest of our time actively - choose the classes to your liking.
Visiting: Protiv'ye, Dmitrekhovo, Breytovo

Day 5: The ancient city of Red Hill and an agro-tourist farm

In the morning we leave the Rybinskoye reservoir and head towards Tver. On the way we will visit the curious old town Krasny Kholm and gather water in the holy spring. We'll spend a couple of hours at the agro-tourist farm "Ivanovka", where we'll get acquainted with the village farmstead, pet a raccoon and feed roll turkeys.
Visiting: Tver', Protiv'ye, Tutan', Sloboda, Il'ino, Bezhetsk

Day 6: Museum of the Goat and Zavidovo National Park

In the morning we'll visit Tver Goat Museum - perhaps the most ironic museum in the city. In the afternoon we will try to conquer a part of Zavidovo National Park - a corner recognized by UNESCO as one of the most ecologically clean places on earth. On the territory of 56 700 hectares there is a scientific and experimental farm, in protected areas live elks and bears, marals and spotted deer. Walking on the territory is not possible (and convenient) everywhere, so let's examine the local beauties with the help of recreational complexes.
Visiting: Tver', Bezborodovo, Moscow, Solnechnogorsk, Konakovo