Animal tour to Rybinskoe reservoir – Day 5: The ancient city of Red Hill and an agro-tourist farm

In the morning we leave the Rybinskoye reservoir and head towards Tver. On the way we will visit the curious old town Krasny Kholm and gather water in the holy spring. We'll spend a couple of hours at the agro-tourist farm "Ivanovka", where we'll get acquainted with the village farmstead, pet a raccoon and feed roll turkeys.
Animal tour to Rybinskoe reservoir
Travel distance by car: 280 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Tver', Protiv'ye, Tutan', Sloboda, Il'ino, Bezhetsk

Trip duration: 6 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Краснохолмский Николаевский Антониев монастырь

Historic Sites

Let's go stretch the bones in the town of Red Hill. It appeared as a trading village in the 16th century. There is a legend about the origin of the name of the town. Empress Catherine II was amazed by the beauty of the city on a hill, buried in greenery and flowers - and ordered to call it Red, so the Beautiful Hill. Be sure to visit Nikolaev Antoniev Monastery here. It dates back to 1461, when Old Antony settled at the confluence of rivers. In addition, there are many ancient buildings and merchant houses in the city, which are truly admired for their beauty.

Dolce Vita


I offer lunch in Bezecka, in the cafe "Dolce Vita", which was recently renamed "Gusto Coffe". This institution is loved by locals for nourishing complex lunches, variety of desserts and cozy atmosphere.

Premier Hotel

Источник Святого Пророка Ильи


Let's take a break at the spring of St. Elijah the Prophet. Don't worry, you won't miss it: there's a sign on the road. The spring is furnished, there's an overlay hay with a cross. The approach to water is convenient, so you can easily get water on the road here.

Река Кава


On the bank of the river Kava, 20 km from the city of Tver, is an agro-tourist farm "Ivanovka". Here you can get acquainted with the village farmstead, ride the "grey goat" and milk the goat, pet a raccoon and feed the rolling turkeys. You will be told about traditions of Russian tea drinking in merchant and peasant families and taught to melt the samovar. For an extra fee you can forge a coin at the smithy and taste the farm products - milk, goat cheese, lard. If you have time, try to conquer the trolls, practice on a climbing wall or run over suspension bridges. The farm can be visited with or without a tour. On weekends [complex]( is open until 18:00. About visit on weekdays it is necessary to agree in advance by phone specified on a site.



Let's go to Tver for dinner. There are a lot of worthy restaurants here, but I suggest to choose "BarDak" - a cozy family restaurant with excellent cuisine and live music.

Premier Hotel

If you have any strength left, we'll take a walk after dinner on Tver night. After sunset, there's plenty to do here. Or you can go straight to the hotel - to gain energy before the final day of the trip.