Animal tour to Rybinskoe reservoir – Day 4: Darwin Biosphere Reserve: a small wildlife world

We'll take the first half of the day to visit the Darwin Nature Reserve. It is located on the bank of the Rybinskoye reservoir and is a specially protected area. The area of the complex - more than 112 thousand hectares, of which more than half is land, and the rest - on the coastal waters. We will spend the rest of our time actively - choose the classes to your liking.
Animal tour to Rybinskoe reservoir
Travel distance by car: 66 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Protiv'ye, Dmitrekhovo, Breytovo

Trip duration: 6 days

Marina Voronchikhina

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У моста в Противье

Harbors / Marinas

In the town of Protivoie, you can rent a motorboat for the whole day to reach the village of Borok by water (sailing about 4 km). From here the journey begins in the Darwin Biosphere Reserve. Once in place, first take a look at the Museum of Nature - since its founding in the 60s, little has changed here, but the tour will help you learn a lot. After the museum we set off to conquer the ecological trails laid out in the reserve. The nature park has become home to rare birds listed in the Red Book: golden eagles and peregrine falcons, black storks, eagle owls. During the walk you can climb the observation deck for bird and wild animal watching, see the eggplant and bear scratching (and there are many of them), visit the enclosure for vipers and wounded birds. *" Attention! You can visit the reserve only with the prior permission of the complex administration.

Zapovednye Ustja

Fishing and hunting base "Protected Mouths"

Let's go back to the coast of the Confrontier for lunch. Look at the Protected Waters base. It has an excellent restaurant serving Russian cuisine - for example, a pork fryer, fire cutlets and beef stroganoff. In the afternoon I suggest using the services of the base. You can go on a short kayak alloy, play paintball or understand the basics of mountaineering. Water amusements (wakeboarding, water skiing, banana riding), shooting gallery and fishing gear rental are also available. You can also have dinner here. The planned activities should be notified to administrators [in advance]( - at least one day in advance.

Zapovednye Ustja

It's been an active, busy day. The best solution was to forget a good night's sleep in one of the hotels in the surrounding area.