Animal tour to Rybinskoe reservoir – Day 3: Cheese tasting in Uglich, an equestrian estate and a town of mice.

Early in the morning we leave for Uglich, where we will visit a tasting of local farmer's cheeses and the manor of Russian life with horses. In the afternoon we will arrive in the city, where everything is connected with mice. We will spend the evening on the bank of the Rybinskoye reservoir - a huge lake of fanciful shape and inexpressible beauty.
Animal tour to Rybinskoe reservoir
Travel distance by car: 173 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Dmitrekhovo, Kalyazin, Uglich, Myshkin, Ivashkovo

Trip duration: 6 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Угличский кремль

Historic Sites

Cozy Uglich stands on the bank of the Volga. This city is a part of the Great Golden Ring of Russia - should we say how many amazing architectural beauties there are! Near the Kremlin, in the culinary studio "Garage" (15 Yaroslavskaya St.), gastronomic master classes "Tasting of craft cheeses from Uglich" are held. Here you can try several sorts of cheese and cook two delicious dishes by yourself using local cheeses.

Chesnava Holiday Park


Russian Restaurants

We'll have lunch at the trendy Brunch Restaurant. It can be praised for its cozy atmosphere and stylish interior, and to the chef no questions. Not without reason "Brunch" is considered one of the best restaurants in town.

Музей Рабочей Лошади


Under Ugich, in the village of Ivashkovo, there is a very interesting place - the "Museum of Workhorse". Here guests are welcome to dive into peasant life and workshops on harnessing, saddling and clearing the horse's hoof. The estate contains a herd of three dozen thoroughbred horses used in the farm. Horses are allowed to ride - horseback riding tours are organized for experienced riders. Live on the farm - chickens, gentlemen, turkeys, sheep, piglets - you can feed and squeeze some of them. The star of the museum is the colt called Orlik: he can draw. Those who wish can buy his paintings. To get on a tour of the estate, it is necessary to call in advance by phone: 8 (962) 203-50-03.

Дворец Мыши


The Myshkin Ward complex (aka Mouse Palace) was opened in 2008. It is more focused on children, but adults will also have fun here. The building of the museum is stylized as a palace, it is surrounded by a well-kept park with bridges. In the museum you will learn about the heroic deeds of mice in medicine, science and space, learn to use humane mousetraps, and in the mini-zoo you will admire live mice. Visits to the palace are possible by prior request or according to a schedule that is updated daily (check [here]( If you find yourself at the gates of the castle at 15:00, you will witness the music clock working under the roof - to the music from the "Nutcracker" the mouse will invite you to the rooms.

Набережная г. Мышкин

Other Great Outdoors

We'll hold off for an hour on Myshkin. The legend of the origin of the name of the city sounds as follows: one prince came to rest on the bank of the Volga River and suddenly woke up from the fact that a mouse crawled across his face. At first, the prince got angry, but then he saw that the mouse had saved him from the crawling snake. It's a charming town, small, clean. Every second house here is a small museum. Many people try to connect with mice, be it museums or restaurant names.

ресторан Чеснава


And here we are on the bank of the Rybinskoye reservoir. Let's not rush into anything. We'll have a nice dinner at the restaurant of the Chesnava country club. The menu includes dishes of Russian and European cuisine, which you can taste in three halls in different styles.

Chesnava Holiday Park

We'll stay overnight on the shore of the reservoir. You'll admire its beauties tomorrow. In the meantime, I suggest you go to bed early: you will have a busy and long day!