Animal tour to Rybinskoe reservoir – Day 2: Kalyazin: snail farm and spotted deer

The second day we'll spend in Kalyazin and its surroundings. We will swim to the famous flooded bell tower, we will visit a snail farm. In the afternoon we'll have a rest in a pine forest on the bank of the Volga river, where we'll get acquainted with rare spotted deer, and meet the sunset on the summer terrace of the local yacht club.
Animal tour to Rybinskoe reservoir
Travel distance by car: 28 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Kalyazin, Mitseyevo

Trip duration: 6 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Колокольня Никольского собора

Monuments / Landmarks

The main attraction of the Kalyazin is the bell tower, standing alone in the middle of the water surface. In the Soviet era, the town was half-inundated during the construction of the Uglich hydroelectric power plant. Old houses were mired under the water column, and only the five-tier bell tower of the Nikolo-Zhabensky monastery still reminds us of the past. It's a real crime to end up in Kalyazin and not swim to the bell tower. You can get to it on a rented motor catamaran (about 4000 rubles per hour from the yacht club). If you want to save money, make an agreement with local residents - for 300-400 rubles you will be given a lift to the bell tower and back. A little more expensive will be a water tour around picturesque surroundings and islands.

Музей Улитки


The Kalyazin Yacht Club has the largest snail farm in Russia. Here you will be shown how young snails hatch, what they eat and where they wait for winter hibernation. You can also visit the mini-museum and, of course, taste snail dishes with a glass of good wine.

Кафе Визит


We will have lunch in the cafe "Visit" - a good roadside cafe with reasonable prices. Fragrant khachapuri with cheese, boiled borscht, large portions and pleasant service - the cafe is so popular among tourists and locals.

Кемпинг Олений Бор


There is no infrastructure on the Kalyazin beaches. Camping "Deer Bor" offers more pleasant views and conditions. It is the best place in the neighborhood to enjoy the scent of pine trees, relax in nature and enjoy themselves. Entrance to the base territory paid. You can drive up to the beaches by car. Entering the water here is gentle, bathing brings one pleasure. In addition to bathing, the camping site's main attraction is interaction with red-listed spotted deer. The animals live here in natural conditions on a huge fenced area and with great pleasure come with a fence to take a treat from the hands of guests.

Яхт-клуб «Калязин»

Harbors / Marinas

We go back to Kalyazin tonight. I offer dinner at the yacht club - this is probably the most elegant institution in town. It's also the most pleasant place to meet sunsets.

Усадьба 1

Tomorrow we will go to historical Uglich, visit Myshkin and stay overnight at the lake, and in the meantime - to the hotel, to rest.