Animal tour to Rybinskoe reservoir – Day 1: Crane Homeland, Wild Lynx and Russian Bath

We will spend most of the day in the "Crane Motherland" - the reserve where cranes and other birds live. Before dinner we will talk to exotic animals in the country club "El Rancho", and finish this beautiful day in a Russian bath on the bank of the river Zhabnya.
Animal tour to Rybinskoe reservoir
Travel distance by car: 272 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Yermolino, Nagorskoye, Kalyazin, Moscow, Yaroslavishchi

Trip duration: 6 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Hyundai Creta

Журавлиная Родина

Nature Preserves

"Crane Homeland is not a zoo, nursery or farm. It is carefully protected forests and swamps, where wild birds and animals live. It is simply impossible to walk here, and the visit should be agreed at least 2 days before the excursion. The format of the tour is unusual. Cars with tourists going by caravan, at low speed. Along the route (which is about 50 km long) frequent stops are made. Excursionists are given binoculars and telescopes with the help of which one can see cranes, sandpipers, birds of prey and other beautiful creatures. The tours start at 11 a.m. with a lecture about the sanctuary. After the instruction at 12:15 the excursionists leave for the park. The excursion ends at about 16:00. The cost of the tour - 500 rubles, children under 5 years - free of charge. Bring biscuits and tea in a thermos: during the three-hour walk you will definitely want to have a snack. *" Attention! In May excursions are held only a couple of times a month, in June excursions do not happen because of the breeding season of birds. The easiest way to get on an excursion in the period from July to September, then the cranes fly away. Look for all the details [on the official website](

Усадьба 1

Кафе El Rancho

Cafés, Russian Restaurants

We will stop for a late lunch - or early dinner - at the country club "El Rancho" in the village of Horobrovo. Restaurant's kitchen products are delivered from the restaurant's own farm, and traditional methods of cooking are qualitatively rethought. We'll stay on the farm for an hour. You'll have a place to walk on 300 hectares! I recommend visiting the club's residents, among whom are Yaroslavl Iberians - a hybrid of wild boars and domestic pigs. Also on the farm live cows and sheep (including a rare four-horned sheep Jacoba), curly pigs, pearl queens and even two lynx saved from poachers.



On the bank of the beautiful river Zhabnya, in the village of Myshino, there is a park-hotel "Deck". We will come here to steam in a Russian bath. Distance to the river here - only 15 meters. After the steaming you can plunge into the cool water: for this purpose on the bank there are scaffolding with stairs. [Booking]( The sauna has to be booked in advance.

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We've gone for a walk, we've gotta go to bed!