Ancient Kasimov: a fragment of the Golden Horde near Ryazan – Day 2: Tatar Kasimov: a look through the ages

We will spend this day in Kasimov, once the capital of the Kasimov Khanate. The state was formed in the middle of the 15th century, when the Moscow prince Vasily settled on the bank of the Oka river the son of the Kazan khan, Tsarevich Kasim. Most likely, it was part of the deal - the day before the prince lost the battle and was captured. The Khanate ceased to exist in 1681, after the death of its last ruler, Fatima Sultan. It is believed that she was strangled by her own servants - for wanting to convert to Orthodoxy. There are still many traces of the rich past in Kasimov, which you will see with your own eyes.
Ancient Kasimov: a fragment of the Golden Horde near Ryazan
Travel distance by car: 6 km.Travel distance on foot: 2 km.Visiting: Kasimov

Trip duration: 3 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Ханская мечеть Краеведческий музей


Let's start the walk at Khan Mosque. It is not without reason that the minaret resembles a fortress tower: the building was erected when wars and raids were constantly occurring. The mosque is inactive. You can go up to the tower - the price of the question is only 100 rubles. Next to the mosque is the tomb of Khan Shah Ali. He led the Russian army during the Livonian War. Teke (sacred place) khan was building for himself. The rectangular white stone building is decorated with a board on which dates of birth and death of the ruler are carved in Arabic letters. There is a similar building on the outskirts of the city - the last rulers of the Kasimov Khanate found peace there. But for general information it's enough to get some information.

Вознесенский Собор


Cathedral Square is the central square of the city. Around it there are buildings of trading rows, beautiful Ascension Cathedral (1862), two old churches. Look at the white and yellow building - it's the house of Zemstvo Commissioner Skorniakov. He was in charge of the affairs of the local merchant Batashev, Russian Count Dracula. Batashev tortured and killed serfs, burned the police officer alive, bricked up his underground workshops together with people, where the workers printed fake coins. Secret passages were found in the two-meter-high walls of this building on Sobornaya Square, and secret rooms were found downstairs. It is believed that Batashev forced the assistant to keep his fake money here.

Музей Русский самовар


Collector Mikhail Silkov made a gift to his native city: he opened two museums - bells and samovars. Be sure to take a look at the last one. Here is the ancestor of samovars - a birdcatcher, and almost three hundred classic "kettles". After the tour you will be invited to a tea party with a samovar and a mountain of sweets. Do not give up this nice (though paid) ceremony. The museum is open every day except Monday.

Музей Колоколов


Once there were 7 bell factories in Kasimov, and the local bells were no less famous than the Welsh ones. I recommend to use the services of a tour guide - each bell has its own history. And don't forget that Mondays are the day off.

Арт-кафе Касимовский Дворик


Lunch is served in the art cafe "Kasimovsky Dvorik" - it is 50 meters from the Museum of Bells. The menu is very diverse: kebab, fish with vegetables on coals, potato zrazy with mushrooms, bird dishes. And also delicious coffee, which you can take with you and savor on the way to the next attraction.

Речной вокзал Касимов

Boats or Ferries

Ryazan "Dracula" Batasheva had a serf Barkov, who was fond of medicine. He managed to cure his master from an excruciating illness and received a free one as a reward. Having settled in a beautiful house on the bank of the river, an enterprising man has healed beautifully: he bought three gold mines in Siberia, started shipping, opened a pharmacy. His house was famous for its rich interiors - young Alexander II even stayed here. Next to the house Barkov has an observation deck and a river port. Every Saturday, an hour river tram ride starts from here. The time of departure is different each time, it is better to reserve seats in advance. Steamship can be rented - this service will cost you about 4000 rubles per hour.

Tserkov' Bogoyavleniya Gospodnya

It is said that near the Church of the Epiphany of the Lord (or St. George) lived its age skomorokh Ivan Balakirev, who was jokingly appointed governor of Kasimov by Peter I (the throne was empty then). He failed to become a new khan. The jester miraculously survived the terrible torture and accusations of treason, after which he never smiled again. His grave is behind this church.

Ресторан "Касимов"

French Restaurants

I offer dinner at the restaurant at the hotel "Kasimov". The menu abounds with interesting dishes of traditional Russian cuisine: sterlet ear, pike (crescent-shaped zrazy), pancakes with red caviar. Tatar cuisine is represented by azu - vegetable stew with meat. A solid wine list is a bonus.

Hotel Kasimov

There aren't many classes in Kasimov tonight - except a movie theater and a couple of bars. If all the films in the announced poster have already been watched, it's more like going to the hotel to gain strength before tomorrow!