Ancient Kasimov: a fragment of the Golden Horde near Ryazan – Day 1: Racing tracks, wakeboard, plaster mountain and Esenin

This day will be filled with new impressions. We will shoot a crossbow, drive a buggy, master a wakeboard and conquer the mountains near Moscow. The Moscow region offers hundreds of options for active recreation - just have time to try it! We will meet sunset in the town where Sergey Esenin studied, and overnight in Kasimov.
Ancient Kasimov: a fragment of the Golden Horde near Ryazan
Travel distance by car: 323 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Kasimov, Yegor'yevsk, Oktyabr'skiy, Spas-Klepiki, Moscow, Voskresensk

Trip duration: 3 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Hyundai Creta

ADM Raceway


Just 16 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road there is a great place where you can experience extreme sensations, shake up, get your adrenaline dose. This ADM Raceway is a modern racing circuit with all the fun that comes with it. What can you do here? - learn the basic techniques of skidding (to put it simply, subscript from the soul); - ride buggies, racing cars and motorcycles; - fly light aircraft and helicopters; - to shoot with bow and crossbow; - try karting and much more. Some entertainment is available without appointment, others must be arranged in advance. I recommend that you check the site and price tag carefully before you travel to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Белая гора


Not far from Voskresensk near Moscow there is a curious sight - the so-called White Mountain. Amazing landscapes resemble the glaciers of Iceland. Only in summer these "snows" do not melt, because the mountain consists of phosphorus gypsum - waste from the plant "Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers". If you can't get to the mountain, at least admire it from the outside. It is quite possible that in the near future it will disappear - stored waste is going to be recycled into useful raw materials.

Hotel Kasimov

Шварц Кайзер

Gastropubs, Beer Bars

I offer lunch in Egoryevsk, in a family restaurant Schwarz Kaiser. And if it's too early for Kraft beer, it's time for nourishing burgers, grilled salmon and Bavarian soup with sausages!

Егорьевский Историко-Художественный Музей

History Museums

After lunch, visit the city museum.

Свято-Троицкий Мариинский женский монастырь


Walk around the monastery, take beautiful pictures of historical buildings.


BBQ Joints

You can stretch bones and have a cup of tea at Hemingway Bar. It is located 600 meters from the Sergei Esenin Museum. It is in this building that the future poet spent three years studying pedagogical science. Alas, the museum closes at 18:00. But nobody will forbid you to admire the building from outside - while walking along the streets of the town, which is famous for its wooden architecture and stone buildings of XIX century.

Time Burger

Burger Joints

And if you're hungry again on the way to Kasimov, you can have dinner in a cozy cafe "Burger Time". The menu includes nourishing burgers, snacks, nuggets, Danish hot dogs with pickles, desserts and much more.

Hotel Kasimov

At night Kasimov is beautifully lit and beckons to walk, but let's leave the most interesting things for tomorrow: you will have the whole day to study it properly.