Ancient estates of the south of Moscow region – Day 1: Legacy of the Russian nobility

Rent a car and go on the road, today you will visit two ancient manors, discover all facets of Russian classicism, as well as get acquainted with collections of paintings, graphics, arts and crafts and rare books in Ostafyevo.
Ancient estates of the south of Moscow region
Travel distance by car: 67 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Podolsk, Ostafyevo, Sukhanovo, Moscow

Trip duration: 2 days

Alexander Polyakov

Skoda Octavia

Сам пришёл

Caucasian Restaurants

If you want to have some refreshments before going on a tour of ancient parks and manors, we recommend you to visit the Georgian cuisine restaurant "Sam came". The menu has everything you expect to try when visiting such establishments - grilled dishes, chahohbili and fresh pastries - six kinds of khachapuri alone!

Country Club Aivengo Hotel Jungle

Усадьба Суханово

Historic Sites

Semi-destroyed noble manor, former rest house of architects. Beautiful park, romantic bridges and arbours. Who else wants to see this beauty - hurry up!

Музей-усадьба «Остафьево»


Until 19:00 you can walk around the estate, until 18:00 you can visit the museum. The territory of the manor museum is pleasant for walks, though it is relatively small in size. During the recent repair and restoration works the lost parts of the main house were restored, the park and pond were cleaned up.

Бургерная #1

Burger Joints

We offer overnight stay in the vicinity of Podolsk. Here you can have a great dinner in a modern and stylish institution. Excellent burgers and wings, imported draught beer, friendly staff.

Gazprom Neft filling station #5008

If you come to Gazpromneft's filling station network No. 186, we recommend you to enjoy the beautiful and visit St. George's Church (10 minutes on foot). The building was built quite recently - in 2006, but has already become a landmark attraction. The thing is that the material was wood. Thanks to such an unusual idea of the architect, it seems that the temple is more than a few hundred years old.