To go to an abandoned sanatorium. See a collection of radio receivers. A walk through a marble career. Enjoy the scenery by the waterfall..

An unforgettable weekend in the Novosibirsk Region

If you are tired of the daily routine, if you want to relax from the city and get new emotions, then this trip will suit you exactly! You walk through an abandoned sanatorium, visit a museum, where a collection of radios. You will also visit the picturesque natural corners of Siberia. Hurry up to new adventures!

An unforgettable weekend in the Novosibirsk Region

1 day itinerary by Eugenia Laputina - Unobvious locations -

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Day 1: Weekend in picturesque places not far from Novosibirsk

The trip will start with an abandoned sanatorium, then we will visit a museum and see various radio sets, after that we will go to a career and take beautiful pictures and visit a waterfall. The journey will end with dinner in a restaurant.
Visiting: Novosibirsk, Borovoy, Berdsk, Belovo, Shipunovo, Iskitim, Krasnoobsk