Don't forget to take a flashlight to the Didin tunnel.. Admire the former greatness of the mining town.. Take pictures of the most beautiful rocks.. Learn how stars are watched.. Give credit to the battle glory of the Urals....

Amazing nature and technique. Drive from Yekaterinburg

We are going on a very busy journey! There are places waiting for us that can't help but amaze. We will visit an abandoned copper mine and a railway tunnel in the early 20th century. On our way there will be rocks of amazing beauty and a gingerbread house, ideal for bright pictures. We will visit a real observatory and see 12,000 pieces of military equipment. Such trips are not forgotten!

Amazing nature and technique. Drive from Yekaterinburg

3 days itinerary by Sati Sarkisyan - Unobvious locations - 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Unobvious locations

Day 1: The terricon of the mine. The Mariinsky Dam. The Didinsky Tunnel.

Let's start our journey from one rather gloomy place. We'll see the heap of an old mine. Then we'll go to the broken dam of the early 20th century. In the afternoon, let's arm ourselves with flashlights and go to an old but very picturesque tunnel.
Visiting: Pervoural'sk, Barsuchiy, Didino, Mariinsk, Degtyarsk, Revda, Shirokaya Rechka, Yekaterinburg

Day 2: Fat Rock. The observatory. St. George's Rocks.

We have an amazingly busy day ahead of us. We will see Tolstik Rock and St. George's Rocks, visit the observatory of the Ural University, admire the beauty of the surroundings from the observation deck.
Visiting: Kirovgrad, Pervoural'sk, Novoutkinsk, Taraskovo, Khutor

Day 3: The cliffs are seven brothers. The house of the merchant Kirillov. Museum "Battle Glory of the Urals".

Our morning will begin with an introduction to the seven rock brothers. In the afternoon we will admire the fabulous house of the merchant Kirillov, and then head to the Upper Pyshma to admire the battle glory of the Urals.
Visiting: Kirovgrad, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Tavatuy, Yekaterinburg, Nev'yansk, Kunara