Syzran Kremlin. House of Chernukhin. Provincial Volsk. Saratov Bridge. Monument to Gagarin. National Village of Peoples of Saratov Region. Chapaev House.

Along the Volga

Two fascinating days along the Volga cities await you. First, you will visit one of the oldest cities of the Middle Volga region - Syzran, walk its small streets, get acquainted with some merchant houses, look into the Kremlin. Further your way lies down along the Volga to Saratov region, where typical Volga provincial towns and the very center of the region - Saratov, which dates back to 1586, are waiting for you. You are waited by the embankment of cosmonauts, acquaintance with Gagarin and Queen himself, because how many of us in the childhood dreamed to go into space too, and here between Saratov and Engels it seems that space is so close. Besides astronauts, these places are also famous for Chapaev, who lived here for a long time.

Along the Volga

2 days itinerary by Anna Semochkina - History and Culture - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Down the Volga

Today the road down the Volga River through Syzran and Khvalynsk to Saratov awaits you. You will learn the history of the Syzran Kremlin, which was built to protect against Senka Razin and his team, visit the merchant buildings of the Middle Volga region and get to the regional center of Saratov - Saratov.
Visiting: Saratov, Syzran', Vol'sk, Yablon'ka, Khvalynsk, Cheremshany Nomer Dva, Samara

Day 2: Saratov stories

You will get acquainted with Saratov, which is closely connected with the history of human space exploration: here Yuri Gagarin studied at a technical school. Near the city there is a place where the first astronaut of the planet went down from the sky by parachute, a memorable stele is installed. Unfortunately, it is on a grandiose repair till April 2021, but you can still walk the streets of the city, where Yurochka ran to study and walk along the embankment of the Cosmonauts, perhaps, remembering his childhood dreams. In addition to the astronaut Saratov region is also famous for Vasily Chapayev, whose family lived in a small village, you will definitely go there and imagine how difficult it was for them during the war.
Visiting: Saratov, Balakovo, Engel's, Zaton, Yablon'ka, Samara