Get acquainted with the Cathcars. Solving the mystery of Tver Atlantis. Taste the fragrant porridge in Kashin. To see a 19th century lemonade and sausage machine in Myshkin.. To visit the Museum of Holes and Patching in Uchma.. To visit the temple in Uglich, erected on the site of the tragic death of his son Ivan the Terrible.. . . .

Along the Volga: a two-day cultural and historical journey from Rybinsk

Cold is no reason to lock up at home. This route, which runs along the Volga River through the most interesting cities and villages, can be done even in bad weather. Amazing museums, created by the hands of craftsmen, ancient cathedrals, huts of cabbage, culinary workshops and porridge tastings - will be interesting, warm and delicious!

Along the Volga: a two-day cultural and historical journey from Rybinsk

2 days itinerary by Marina Voronchikhina - History and Culture - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Unique technique in Myshkin, Museum of Holes and Patch in Uchma, Beauty Uglich.

On the first day of this trip you will visit the city of Myshkin and its museum with unusual equipment (how about an old lemonade car?). Then the way lies in a tiny village Uchma, which boasts original expositions on the theme of peasant life and ... And in the afternoon we will wander around cozy Uglich - almost the oldest Russian city on the Volga.
Visiting: Uglich, Kalyazin, Myshkin, Kostenevo, Khvoshchevka, Rybinsk

Day 2: Mysteries of the city of Kalyazin, the most delicious city in the Tver region and the village of Katskarey

Today it is better to get up early: I advise you to sacrifice your sleep for new interesting places. You will learn the mystery of Kalyazin Atlantis, taste the fragrant porridge in the city of Kashin and find out who are the Katskari and where they live.
Visiting: Kalyazin, Myshkin, Kashin, Rybinsk, Martynovo