Memorable Monuments of the Olympic Park. Olympic Games Museum. Adler beaches.

 Adler Olympic Symbols

In 2014, the Olympic Games were held in Sochi. Many sports monuments in Adler remind us of this event. We will try to see them all. The script is suitable for sports fans, as well as for all those who want to see the venue of the Olympiad and its memorable symbols with their own eyes, because only the lucky ones managed to visit the event itself. Tickets were bought almost immediately. Let's plunge into memories of a remarkable event in the history of Russia.

Adler Olympic Symbols

1 day itinerary by Yulia Zharkova - Staycation, History and Culture -

Road Trip Categories: Staycation, History and Culture

Day 1: A day in the rays of Olympic glory

Today we will visit the main sport sights in Adler. These are the Olympic Park, the Olympic Games Museum and other monuments dedicated to the great event.
Visiting: Sochi, Adler, Vysokoye, Malyy Akhun