Make sure you visit Yalutorovskiy jail.. The hot springs of Tyumen are the strongest impressions if you come to them in the frosty winter.. Find time to visit the second part of the Prishma hogs - Tugulim dacha..

Active rest in the Trans-Urals. Tyumen Hot Springs and Pripyshminskie Bory National Park

See with your own eyes the most interesting natural sights of the Trans-Urals. We will visit Maryino gorge, where you can take pictures like in real mountains, swim in Tyumen geothermal springs, walk along the path leading to the picturesque pond in the national park "Pripyshminskie bory". We will also see the historical buildings of Yalutorovsk, Tyumen and Dalmatovo. Although the described places are available all year round, this route is better in winter. In this way you will fully enjoy the hot springs, feeling the contrast between the water temperature and the surrounding air.

Active rest in the Trans-Urals. Tyumen Hot Springs and Pripyshminskie Bory National Park

2 days itinerary by Александр Багно - Sport and Leisure - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Sport and Leisure

Day 1: Yalutorovsk and Tyumen

We will visit the Maryino Gorge, which has high and steep slopes unusual for the Trans-Urals. Then we will walk in the center of Yalutorovsk and find out what the stockaded town looked like, which gave rise to the city. Then we'll walk around Tyumen, visit the Tura embankment and see the famous Lovers' Bridge. And we'll finish the day by swimming in the geothermal spring.
Visiting: Tyumen, Bol'shoye Chausovo, Yalutorovsk, Krasnogorskoye, Kurgan

Day 2: National Park "Pripyshminskiye Bory", Dalmatovo and Kargapolye

We will go to the park "Pripyshminskiye Bory", where we will walk along the path along the moat dug during the First World War. Then we will visit the Dalmatovskiy Uspensky Monastery, which is surrounded by a fortress wall built three hundred years ago. And lastly we will walk along one of the best parks in the region, which is located in Kargapolye.
Visiting: Tyumen, Kargapol'ye, Talitsa, Pyshma, Dalmatovo, Perevalovo, Kurgan