Zhostovskaya factory. Sovetskaya Ploshchad Dmitrova. Dmitrov Kremlin. House-Museum of P.A.Kropotkin. Frog Museum.

Acquaintance with Dmitrov

What is remarkable about the ancient city of Dmitrov? Why is a frog considered its symbol? What is unusual about Zhostov's painting? The answers to these and other questions we will find out by going on this short journey.

Acquaintance with Dmitrov

1 day itinerary by Margarita Glumova - History and Culture -

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Dmitrov

During the day of our trip we will get acquainted with Russian folk craft - Zhostov paintings, then go to the ancient city of Dmitrov and visit the most remarkable and interesting places.
Visiting: Dmitrov, Zhostovo, Moscow, Dedenevo, Mytishchi