Abramtsevo. The haven of creators – Day 1: Mesmerizing nature. An old mansion. The atmosphere of creativity of Great people.

The day begins with a walking tour along the Abramtsevo path. Then you will see the exposition of the Main Manor House. After lunch in an interesting restaurant - visit the park objects, during which you will take the most amazing and beautiful pictures!
 Abramtsevo. The haven of creators
Travel distance by car: 146 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Moscow, Abramtsevo, Abramtsevo, Khot'kovo

Trip duration: 1 day

Alisa Ivanchenko


Главный Усадебный Дом

History Museums

The main attraction of Abramtsevo. Be sure to order a fascinating excursion. Since 1843 the estate belonged to the famous writer S.T. Aksakov and became a place of attraction for people of art. In Abramtsevo he was formed as a writer and created his best literary works, including the fairytale "The Scarlet Flower". Under Aksakov, Abramtsevo was visited by Gogol, Turgenev, Pogodin, Shchepkin and other friends of the writer. There is a version that in the circle of the Aksakovs family, Gogol first read a chapter from the second part of "Dead Souls" in August 1849 ... In 1870 the estate was sold to S.I. Mamontov, a native of an old merchant family. Abramtsevo became a hospitable home for young artists. Here for weeks and months lived Repin, Polenov, Vasnetsov, Serov, Korovin, Vrubel and many other now famous artists. Serov's painting "The Girl with Peaches" depicts the daughter of the owner of the estate Vera Mamontova. And on the table in front of the girl there are peaches grown in the Abramtsevo greenhouse. *" The museum exhibit is open from Wednesday to Sunday

Ресторан «Галерея»


It's nice to have lunch at this restaurant. Incredible views from the windows of the restaurant complex complete the meals with romanticism, appetite and sophistication.

Музей-заповедник «Абрамцево»


Terrific place for a photo shoot. There's a huge manor park on three terraces. The most picturesque is considered to be the lower one, located by the river. You can enjoy the nature of the estate at any time of year.

Музей на курьих ножках

Historic Sites

Charming fairytale hut. The idea of the gazebo project belongs to the painter Vasnetsov. The "Hut" was built in 1883. It got its name because of its resemblance to the famous fairytale building, in which lived the evil sorceress Baba-Yaga.

Церковь Спаса Нерукотворного


The initial project of the church, created by VD Polenov, was completed by VM Vasnetsov. Divine services are held on days memorable for Abramtsevo. The church is stylized as an antique church. Mosaic floor with flower (based on Vasnetsov's sketches). Furnace M.A. Vrubel. The chapel decorated with tiles with floral ornament looks elegant.