Visit the local history museum in Verkhneuralsk. Surprise the amount of minerals in the private collection of the resident of Ferchampenoise.. Learn about the history of the Cossacks in Paris. See the monument to the first tractor.

A piece of France in the South Urals

In just one day you will plunge into the atmosphere of France without leaving the Chelyabinsk region, visit Paris and Fershampenoise, learn the history of the prison where Hitler's sister was sitting, walk around one of the oldest cities in the South Urals and see the first Soviet tractor! Photo: [Sergey Secachev](Магнитогорск_-_panoramio_%281%29.jpg)

A piece of France in the South Urals

1 day itinerary by Александра Нуркаева - Unobvious locations, History and Culture -

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Day 1: Paris is nice to me, but Ferchampenoise is more expensive.

Have you been to Paris yet? It's easy to fix! In this one-day trip you will see not only the Eiffel Tower, but also a village with the exquisite name of Ferchampenoise, a unique stone museum, as well as the most beautiful city of Verkhneuralsk and the first Soviet tractor.
Visiting: Verkhneural'sk, Magnitogorsk, Agapovka, Parizh, Rassvet, Fershampenuaz, Tsementnyy, Yeleninka, Magnitnyy