A fascinating journey through the Moscow region – Day 1: Introduction. Bykovo Estate. Ramenskoye - Gzhel.

The first point of our trip will be Ramenskoye, but on the way there you should stop at Bykov estate and make a small sightseeing tour. After that we will continue our way and visit the most interesting museum, where we will learn all about the city of Ramenskoye. Also today we will have to get acquainted with Russian folk crafts of ceramics production and a kind of Russian folk painting - Gzhelia.
A fascinating journey through the Moscow region
Travel distance by car: 94 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Ramenskoye, Zhukovskiy, Gzhel', Bykovo, Moscow

Trip duration: 3 days

Anastasia Baklanova

Dvorets Vorontsova-Dashkova

I suggest not to go straight to Ramenskoye, but first to visit one amazing place - Bykovo Estate. Despite the fact that it will not be possible to get inside, you should go and admire the architecture.

Tserkov' Vladimirskoy Ikony Bozhiyey Materi

It is also worth going to Bykovo to see this church built in an atypical pseudo-Gothic style. You can go inside.


г. Ramenskoye is the first important point of our journey. Despite the fact that the city is small, there are a lot of interesting sights.

Кофейня 3/4

Before sightseeing Ramensky needs a little refreshment. Especially worth a taste of the highlight of this institution - Hong Kong waffles.

Ramenskii History and Art Museum

The best way to get to know the city is to start with this museum. It will tell you about all the mysteries of the city, from ancient times to the present day. The museum is located in the center of Ramenskoye and is an ancient brick building from the 19th century.

Ramenskiy Gorodskoy Park Kul'tury I Otdykha

After the museum, go to the city center where you will find a wonderful park on the territory of which is located Borisoglebskoe Lake. You'll also find many modern playgrounds, interesting attractions and walking paths. In the park you will find many cozy cafes where you can have a snack and go further sightseeing.

Apart-Hotel Druzhba

Гжельский завод художественной росписи (Синь России НПО)

You can spend a great afternoon in a tour of the Gzhel factory of artistic painting. In addition to excursions, various master classes are also held here. But! Before the trip it is necessary to order the excursion on an official site of "Association Gzhel" for convenient time, with the price policy you can also find out on an official site.

Аллея на Левашова

Theme Parks

After visiting the museum, I suggest returning to Ramenskoye and at the end of the day walk along the Alley to Levashov. Not far from the alley you will find the Kholodovo district, it is interesting that the facades of houses here are covered with large-scale bright images. There are sea landscapes, churches, birds against the blue sky, emerald meadows and full-flowing rivers with picturesque coasts.


Spanish Restaurants

It's dinner time! I suggest we have dinner at one of the best places in town.

Apart-Hotel Druzhba

It's a cozy place to stay overnight.