We will visit the Hermitage-Vyborg.. Let's go to the Glassblower Shop.. We'll have a bite to eat at the Tram.. We will see the Vyborg Castle.. We'll stop by the Park of Montrepo.. Let's take a walk in the park with the sculptures..

A day in Vyborg

Vyborg is an ancient city with a unique history, beautiful streets, squares and buildings. After this trip you will learn a lot of new and interesting things about Vyborg, its history, development and culture, you will see the most famous city landmark - Vyborg Castle, learn the secrets of glassware production and have lunch in a very unusual restaurant.

A day in Vyborg

1 day itinerary by Margarita Glumova - History and Culture, Staycation -

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture, Staycation

Day 1: Walk around town

During the trip we will get acquainted with the beautiful city of Vyborg. We will visit popular places of the city, see its historical and architectural monuments, get acquainted with sculptures of different epochs and cultures, take a walk in the Vyborg Castle and the Montrepo Park.
Visiting: Vyborg, Saint Petersburg, Molodezhnoye, Centralniy