A creative tour: for those interested in art and history. – Day 2: Tikhvin - Cherepovets

We continue our way to the Vologda region, today we will reach the town of Cherepovets. On the way we'll meet a lot of interesting things, for example, we'll visit a village you haven't even heard about, and there is a wonderful museum.
A creative tour: for those interested in art and history.A creative tour: for those interested in art and history.
Travel distance by car: 381 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Cherepovets, Tikhvin, Chagoda, Ustyuzhna, Chudtsy, Nelazskoye

Trip duration: 6 days

Anastasia Baklanova



We'll have breakfast at a cozy roadside cafe. Nothing cheers you up in the morning like delicious and strong coffee.

Чагодищенский музей истории и народной культуры

History Museums

Despite its size and unpopularity among tourists, the museum is very interesting. It was opened in 1994 in the center of the working village of Chagoda. The museum has seven permanent exhibitions, telling about the history of the region: "Ancient and medieval history of the region", "Life objects", "Tools of the late XIX - early XX centuries", "Nature of our region", "Industry and agriculture", "Public education and culture" and "Defenders of the Fatherland".

Apart Hotel Cherepovets

Кафе "А5"


After such an interesting excursion and a long journey it would be nice to stop for a snack.

Церковь Успения Богоматери


At the entrance to Cherepovets we see an unusual structure - the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Nelazsky, which was built in 1694. The church is a unique monument of wooden architecture and is included in the list of cultural heritage of federal importance.

Парк КИО


We finally got to the ancient town of Cherepovets. We'll start meeting it tomorrow, and today we'll just take a walk in the park. By the way, if you walk along the central alley you can come to the monument B. I. Lenin monument.



Decent restaurant with attentive staff and pleasant interior. This institution is very popular, so it is worth reserving a table in advance. The advantage of the restaurant is cooking many dishes on open fire. Be sure to try here beef steak and delightful desserts.

Apart Hotel Cherepovets

We'll stay a couple of nights at this cozy hotel. Tomorrow we'll have a busy day, and now we'll sleep. Sleep well!