Wild beaches and mud volcanoes of Temryuk district – Day 1: Wild Beauty

The beaches of the Kurchan estuary, the banks of the Kuban River, the Kurchan estuary and the Sea of Azov are the true natural heritage of the Krasnodar Region. Visiting these sunny places you will get a lot of impressions and energy reserve for a long time. Outdoor picnics - what could be better when you want a quiet holiday outside the black city?
Wild beaches and mud volcanoes of Temryuk district
Travel distance by car: 208 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Golubitskaya, Temryuk, Krasnodar, Komsomol'skiy, Yekaterinovskiy

Trip duration: 2 days

Yulia Zharkova

Гипермаркет "Лента"

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The route through the deserted places of Temryuk district implies picnics in nature. That's why there are no cafes in our route, only fresh air, deserted nature and seclusion. It's time to buy some picnic food. Don't forget all the essentials. In order not to spoil the food, I recommend taking a cooler bag. Lenta stores offer a wide range of products and here you will find the best products for an unforgettable holiday.

Берег реки Кубань, Абинский р-он


Fedorovsky hydroelectric installation is located on the Kuban River. This hydroelectric facility provides water supply to left and right bank irrigation systems. In addition to the industrial landscape, there is a beautiful view of the river and the surrounding deserted nature. Many tourists come here to enjoy the picturesque view. This place is good for both fishing and recreation in nature.

Курчанский лиман


This shallow firth, covered with thick vegetation along its banks, is very popular with fishermen. But despite the vegetation, the water can be accessed by car. Recreation centers have been created here for those who want to spend their free time in the silence of nature. That's why I recommend having a picnic here. There are special pergolas for this.

Дикий пляж. Станица Голубицкая.


For those who want to relax away from a lot of people, this wild beach will do. This is where you can get a perfect tan, sunbathe and swim. It's covered with a small seashell that looks like sand. However, you should walk on it carefully, better in shoes, as there may be sharp shards of shells.

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It's time to rest after an active day outdoors. Today we have received a lot of health benefits and despite the emotions we need to sleep well - tomorrow we will have even more impressions!